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Application virtualization breathes digital life into legacy apps

By Jesse Scardina 14 Jun 2019

Manufacturing company Royal Technologies chose Cameyo to access its Windows-based legacy applications without the complexity of a virtual desktop infrastructure. Read More

Manage Windows Virtual Desktop with a PowerShell script

By Chris Twiest 18 Jun 2019

IT admins can use PowerShell scripting to manage Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop. In this step-by-step guide, IT can learn the details of this management method. Read More

Cisco Jabber client gets tighter integration with Webex Teams

By Jonathan Dame 11 Jun 2019

Cisco has redesigned the Cisco Jabber client to "look and feel like" Webex Teams, the latest step in the company's push to bring together its on-premises and cloud-based UC apps. Read More

I talked to a real-world Samsung DeX pilot customer, the Chula Vista Police Department

By Jack Madden 25 Apr 2019

It’s taken a while to get here, but DeX is solving a lot of problems for CVPD in one fell swoop. It’s all about having the right use case! Read More

Client virtualization, part 2: How client VMs have evolved into current offerings

By Rachel Berry 19 Feb 2019

Vendors and open-source projects alike are using the benefits of client virtualization, while fixing some of the flaws. Read More

Get started with native Windows mobile app development

By Matthew David 15 Jul 2019

There are pros and cons to embarking on Windows mobile app development. Find out if developing natively in Windows is right for your company. Read More

IT Priorities 2019: IT professionals plan a big push to migrate off Windows 7

By Cliff Saran 18 Feb 2019

With the clock ticking to Windows 7 end of support, more than half of the IT professionals who took part in a survey have a Windows 10 migration as their top IT project this year Read More

Compare UEM software and must-have features

By Gary Olsen 27 Aug 2019

UEM tools are essential to manage and secure the varying endpoints within an IT environment. Explore the major features and functions to consider and the vendors that provide them. Read More

How Linux thin clients have improved

By Alastair Cooke 29 Oct 2018

VDI shops should consider Linux-based thin clients as endpoints for their users for several reasons, including the fact that they are cheaper than Windows thin clients. Read More