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Windows of Opportunity: Five Key Trends for Windows 10

sponsored by VMware Published: 16 Dec 2016 White Paper

This flipbook reveals the five key trends in Windows 10 adoption and migration. Give your customers the ability to unify desktop and mobile management under one model.

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'Is Windows 10 Worth the Debate?'

sponsored by TechTarget Published: 19 Feb 2014 Resource

Inside, explore the brand new features Windows 10 offers, the benefits and drawbacks of each, a number of questions to consider when making the transition. Simply participate in our brief Desktop Management ...

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Seamlessly transition to Windows 10

sponsored by Citrix Published: 09 Apr 2018 White Paper

Download this white paper to learn how adopting an app and desktop virtualization strategy will help your organization see a much smoother transition to Win 10, as well as improved user experience, flexibility, and...

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Microsoft Windows 10 Migration

sponsored by Flexera Software Published: 05 Sep 2018 Webcast

Watch this brief video to learn how AdminStudio can help your organization overcome these application compatibility challenges and plan ahead for any app virtualization challenges that you might encounter.

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Managing Microsoft Windows 10

sponsored by IBM Published: 06 Nov 2018 White Paper

Download this white paper for insights into how IBM MaaS360 can provide your organization with a combination of traditional client management and modern API management that enables unified management of all Windows...

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Unifying Windows 10 Across All Endpoints

sponsored by Citrix Published: 23 Oct 2018 White Paper

Click inside to learn about a unified endpoint management option designed to simplify Windows 10 migrations, streamline updates, and make desktop and mobile security a breeze -- all from a single console.

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Top 10 Caveats Mobile IT Admins Need to Know about Windows 10

sponsored by MobileIron Published: 05 Aug 2015 White Paper

Download this resource for a list of the top 10 things you need to know about Windows 10 to keep pace with industry updates and your peers.

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Fast-Track Your Windows 10 Migration

sponsored by BDNA Published: 07 Apr 2017 White Paper

If you've already managed a Windows 7/8 migration, you know how difficult a migration can be. Are you ready to take on a Windows 10 migration? If you are part of the 62% of organizations who have still not made the...

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Windows 10: If Compatibility is Not a Problem, What Is?

sponsored by Flexera Software Published: 27 Apr 2017 White Paper

Explore this white paper to gain insight into the security challenges of adopting Windows 10 and how to reduce risks when implementing and using the software.

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7 Common Barriers to Legacy App Compatability in Windows® 10

sponsored by Numecent Published: 20 Aug 2018 White Paper

Learn about seven fundamental barriers to legacy app compatibility on the new Windows operating and how you can change the behavior of the runtime environment to resolve many of these barriers.

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