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Deploy Microsoft IIS server, .NET apps in Windows containers

By Nirmal Sharma 20 Jun 2019

Instead of investing money in migrating your existing .NET applications to .NET Core to modernize them, deploy them in Windows containers with a simple script. Read More

How to deploy a Windows Server 2016 domain controller

By Stephen J. Bigelow 28 Sep 2018

Follow these tips to create a domain controller in Windows Server 2016 with these instructions, from server setup to adding users. Read More

Which Windows Server deployment features work best with HCI?

By Robert Sheldon 11 May 2018

There are features in Windows Server 2016 that are specific to hyper-converged infrastructure, but many of the more basic functions also can be used to customize and improve HCI. Read More

Use Windows Server deployment for feature-filled HCI

By Robert Sheldon 27 Apr 2018

Windows Server 2016 not only supports a hyper-converged infrastructure implementation, but brings with it a rich set of features for both performance and security. Read More

How do you build Windows Server 2019 cluster sets?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 15 Mar 2019

Microsoft debuted cluster sets in its Windows Server 2019 release. Here's a rundown on how to deploy this high availability feature in your organization. Read More

What are some Microsoft SDDC integration challenges?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 21 Mar 2019

Microsoft added a number of new software-defined features in Windows Server 2019, but deploying a fully virtualized data center remains a challenge for several reasons. Read More

Explore the benefits of deploying Windows Server 2012 SOFS with SCVMM

By Nirmal Sharma 23 Jan 2017

There are two ways to deploy the Microsoft Scale-Out File Server, but only one method reduces install time, uses fewer IT resources and simplifies SOFS management. Read More

Server Core management remains a challenge for some

By Brian Kirsch 16 Jan 2018

Server Core, the minimal Windows Server deployment, removes some admins from their GUI comfort zone, but its benefits reduce some chores associated with the full server OS. Read More

IT Priorities 2018: Where senior IT managers plan to spend their budget

By Cliff Saran 01 Feb 2018

It is the year when IT departments migrate to Windows 10, upgrade to Windows Server 2016, architect microservices and deploy cloud management Read More

Server Core installation offers perks, challenges for IT

By Stephen J. Bigelow 12 Sep 2017

Server Core is a lighter Windows Server deployment that frees up server resources for additional workloads, but the management aspect will put some admins to the test. Read More