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Windows Admin Center brings server management under one roof

By Kristen Gloss 03 May 2019

Microsoft built Windows Admin Center to make administrators' jobs easier, but the tool has many facets to learn to expertly manage Windows servers. Read More

How to automate with PowerShell in Windows Server 2019

By Kristen Gloss 08 Apr 2019

Microsoft developed many tools to simplify tasks in Windows Server 2019, but PowerShell skills still remain a staple of an administrator's tool set. Read More

Use Packer for Windows to enhance machine image automation

By Dan Franciscus 26 Feb 2019

Packer can curtail time sinks for administrators, especially those dealing with rapid OS releases. But the DevOps tool can require additional effort to work for Windows. Read More

Windows troubleshooting tools to improve VM performance

By Brian Kirsch 06 Sep 2018

Fine-tune virtualized workloads and diagnose performance issues with help from these Windows troubleshooting tools every server administrator should know. Read More

Understanding third-party Windows 10 security tools

By John Powers 18 Oct 2018

Third-party security tools provide value and new utilities for Windows 10 desktop administrators. IT should consider non-Microsoft options for patching, firewalls and more. Read More

How to build a Packer image for Azure

By Adam Bertram 20 Jun 2018

Packer is an open source tool that automates the Windows Server image building process to give administrators a consistent approach to create new VMs. Read More

Tools for system administrators that don't cost a dime

By Adam Fowler 23 Oct 2017

If you use the default Windows tools for everyday administrative duties, such as taking screenshots or editing text, there are better options that come without charge. Read More

Configure surefire Windows 10 security settings

By Kevin Beaver 07 Sep 2017

It is possible for IT administrators to create a close-to-perfect Windows 10 security setup, as long as they know where to look and what tools to use. Read More

Why should you use Hyper-V NIC teaming in your virtual environment?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 29 Jun 2017

NIC teaming in Windows Server 2016 allows administrators to achieve greater network bandwidth and fault tolerance and can be easily managed through PowerShell, among other tools. Read More