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Wireless network management: Expert tip

sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc. Published: 12 Oct 2011 eGuide

This expert E-Guide provides recommendations for improved wireless network management. Uncover tools that take applications into account when measuring WLAN performance and key tips for securing wireless networks ...

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A special issue covering the opportunities in mobility market

sponsored by MicroScope Published: 11 Feb 2013 Ezine

A special issue covering the opportunities for resellers selling mobility hardware, supporting infrastructure and management tools

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How 1 Company Unified Security Management for Wired and Wireless Networks

sponsored by Aruba Networks Published: 30 Apr 2019 Case Study

Daman is a leading specialist health insurer in Abu Dhabi, and was looking for a Network Access Control (NAC) solution to help them comply with a new electronic governmental standard for information security. Learn...

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Dynamic Segmentation: Unify Wired and Wireless Networks

sponsored by Aruba Networks Published: 23 Oct 2019 Product Overview

Dynamic segmentation can help unify policy enforcement across wired and wireless networks – something that is increasingly important in the age of mobility and IoT. Learn about Aruba’s approach to dynamic ...

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Computer Weekly – 4 July 2017: Be better connected in a wireless world

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 30 Jun 2017 Ezine

In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at the latest developments in wireless technology and how to deliver secure and reliable wireless networks. We examine Microsoft's PowerShell scripting language to understand...

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Computer Weekly – 11 July 2017: The data analytics behind the Wimbledon tennis championships

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 07 Jul 2017 Ezine

In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how the All England Lawn Tennis Club is working with IBM to use data analytics to engage with fans of the Wimbledon championships. We examine whether IT automation will ...

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What to Expect from Wi-Fi 6 Besides Speed

sponsored by 7SIGNAL Published: 13 Dec 2019 White Paper

The sixth-generation Wi-Fi is being rolled out. And while it’s sure to be faster overall, there are other much-needed updates to wireless networking that the new version will provide. In this white paper, check out...

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Looking Back on 25 Years of Linux

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 25 Oct 2016 Ezine

In this week's Computer Weekly, 25 years after Linus Torvalds released the Linux kernel, we look at how the open source operating system has influenced modern-day IT. Our new buyer's guide covers the fast-growing ...

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Location Services and the IoT Value Cycle

sponsored by Aruba Networks Published: 02 May 2018 White Paper

Learn about the key components of building an IoT-ready network – like updated access points and Bluetooth Low Energy – and find out how you can use location-based IoT technology to drive the IoT value cycle.

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Improve Wireless Network Performance and Management: Gatwick Case Study

sponsored by Aruba Networks Published: 06 Nov 2018 Case Study

Find out how Gatwick simplified their network architecture while also managing to provide more data links for efficient communications throughout the airport.

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