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An introduction to XML shredding for SQL Server

By Matthew Schroeder 01 Feb 2010

It's critical to understand the effects XML shredding can have on your database environment before selecting a particular shredding approach. Read More

Explore data integration products for your organization

By Mary E. Shacklett 27 Jun 2019

Browse through the current data integration products currently available to help you determine which tool best suits your organization's needs. Read More

What is the difference between a database engineer, architect and administrator?

By Michael Hillenbrand 05 Apr 2019

Expert Michael Hillenbrand explains the difference between a database engineer, a database architect and a database administrator. Read More

Processing XML files with SQL Server functions

By Denny Cherry 16 Feb 2009

The procedure of loading XML files onto a SQL Server database and processing them into tables is not well documented. Discover a prescribed method that uses both SQL Server functions and XPath expressions. Read More

SQL Server support for XML

02 Mar 2005

New clause that allows easy data manipulation. Read More

SQL Server 2000 and XML

02 Mar 2005

A look at some of SQL Server 2000's integrated XML support. Read More

T-SQL commands vs. XML AUTO in SQL Server

By Michelle Gutzait 26 Jul 2007

XML functions may use many more resources than the standard T-SQL commands, depending on the amount of data. SQL Server database expert Michelle Gutzait shows performance implications for each when comparing the ... Read More

Retrieve XML data values with XQuery in SQL Server 2005

By Robert Sheldon 09 Apr 2008

When you want to access specific XML data values -- instead of XML as a single data type value -- the XQuery is the scripting language you're looking for. Microsoft designed XQuery specifically to access XML data ... Read More

Bringing XML and SQL Server closer

By Ed Tittel 23 Feb 2005

In this XML Developer tip, Ed Tittel discusses the potential benefits of SQLXML. Read More

Find the best data integration tools for your organization

By Rick Sherman 01 May 2019

Read analysis and comparisons of data integration tools to help you select the right platform from the leading commercial and open source products currently on the market. Read More