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Property developer A2Dominion picks Hyperoptic broadband services

By Alex Scroxton 20 Jun 2017

Housing developments in London and the South East will receive ultrafast FTTP broadband services under the new agreement Read More

Q&A: The role of RESTful APIs in B2B integration

By Fred Churchville 24 Dec 2015

RESTful APIs are making their way into the enterprise, and now they are poised to make an impact on B2B integration. Ken Yagen explains why and how they can be leveraged effectively. Read More

Q&A: Can APIs neutralize B2B integration pain points?

By Fred Churchville 24 Dec 2015

B2B integration is necessary for a huge number of today's companies, but interacting with partner systems and data is not always simple. Ken Yagen discusses how the use of APIs can help. Read More

NVIDIA GRID 2.0: Twice the resources and a new software platform (a video from VMworld 2015)

By Gabe Knuth 17 Sep 2015

At VMworld, Nvidia announced Grid 2.0, and as Jared Cowart describes in the above video there's a lot to talk about. Read More

Q&A Part 2: Hospitals planning for global payment system

19 Jun 2013

Healthcare facilities must plan for the future of health IT, including meaningful use and ACO payments, in order to be successful. Read More

Q&A with Claire Darley, head of O2's Women in Leadership Programme

By Kayleigh Bateman 26 Jul 2014

In my view, the biggest hurdle women face in the tech sector is stubborn stereotypes. For too long, the tech sector has been viewed as a 'boys club', while careers with 'softer skill' requirements ... Read More

Omnibus rule and business associate compliance: Q&A part 2

22 May 2013

In the second part of a Q&A, Micky Tripathi shares advice on how to monitor business associates and maintain HIPAA omnibus compliance. Read More

3D TLC NAND gives capacity boost to IBM FlashSystem 900

By Garry Kranz 02 Nov 2017

FlashSystem 900 building blocks are the foundation of IBM FlashSystem A9000 and V9000 arrays. New NAND modules use 3D TLC in place of planar 2D enterprise MLC. Read More

Application-to-application (A2A) integration best practices considered

By Colleen Frye 14 Dec 2010

Changes in the enterprise integration landscape are afoot as application-to-application integration again gets attention. Gartner's Massimo Pezzini discusses issues and shares tips. Read More

Q&A: Anderson talks BYOD management in Windows Server 2012 R2

By Ed Scannell 11 Jun 2013

Microsoft's Brad Anderson talks about changes to expect in Windows Server 2012 R2 features, including some to security and enterprise mobility. Read More