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Access is simply being able to get to what you need.Read More

Gordon: Trends driving network access control systems

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 11 Apr 2018

Pulse Secure executive Scott Gordon cites industry trends driving the vendor's new product launch and how endpoint security is driving shifts in network access control systems. Read More

How can IT combat rogue RDP access?

By Brien Posey 05 Apr 2018

Hackers can gain remote access to users' desktops through RDP hijacking. As a result, IT pros must know what they can do to prevent such an attack. Read More

Announcing the winners of the Access Innovation Awards

By Alyssa Provazza 31 Jan 2018

These award-winning projects demonstrate how organizations that embrace endpoint diversity, cloud computing and user experience-focused strategies can transform existing end-user processes. Read More

Teradici is working on a broker to go with Cloud Access

By Jack Madden 14 Mar 2018

DaaS is viable for many use cases these days, and it just makes sense for Teradici to offer a cloud-native broker. Read More

Microsoft Teams guest access made universal

By Jonathan Dame 07 Mar 2018

Microsoft is chasing competitors Slack and Cisco Spark with the expansion of Microsoft Teams guest access. More enterprises are using team chat apps to collaborate with external partners. Read More

Businesses under pressure to allow easier access to cloud

By Warwick Ashford 07 Mar 2018

Businesses are under pressure from employees to use consumer-focused authentication methods for cloud applications, but that could have both positive and negative security implications, warns Gemalto Read More

Dropped Drive Drops Access

By Ed Tittel 11 Oct 2017

When an mSATA SSD in a small USB 3 enclosure accidentally hits the floor, I learn that a dropped drive drops access, too. Read More

Typosquatting: How did threat actors access NPM libraries?

By Nick Lewis 22 Feb 2018

Typosquatting was used by threat actors to spread malware in the NPM registry. Learn from expert Nick Lewis how this method was used and what it means for users. Read More

How cloud access security brokers have evolved

By Rob Shapland 21 Feb 2018

Cloud access security brokers keep being acquired by bigger security companies. Expert Rob Shapland looks at how these acquisitions have changed the CASB industry. Read More