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Virgin Holidays simplifies holiday experiences with Adobe

By Cliff Saran 16 Nov 2017

Tour operator has linked up with Virgin Atlantic to improve its customer service and deliver holiday experiences Read More

Analyzing the flaws of Adobe's HTTP security headers

By Judith Myerson 17 Oct 2017

A recent patching issue with Flash drew attention to shortcomings with Adobe's HTTP security headers. Judith Myerson discusses the importance of HTTP header security. Read More

Adobe multicloud strategy transforms network engineering

By Jean DerGurahian 02 Oct 2017

Adobe created a multicloud strategy to connect to public clouds like AWS and Azure. One Adobe networking pro talks about how the new approach changed its definition of networking. Read More

Adobe Sign, Microsoft Teams integrations expand partnership

By Don Fluckinger 08 Sep 2017

The first of several planned 'joint solutions' expands Adobe Sign into Office 365; Microsoft Teams integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud; Adobe Stock to speed reviews and approvals. Read More

Adobe's Flash end of life scheduled, finally, for 2020

By Madelyn Bacon 28 Jul 2017

News roundup: Adobe announced that Flash end of life will happen by the end of 2020. Plus, Microsoft expands its bug bounty program, the 2017 Pwnie Awards winners, and more. Read More

Adobe to kill off Flash Player by end of 2020

By Warwick Ashford 26 Jul 2017

Adobe has announced it is to stop updating and distributing Flash Player in just over three years’ time Read More

Adobe Acrobat Chrome extension: What are the risks?

By Michael Cobb 06 Jun 2017

An Adobe Acrobat extension was automatically installed onto users' Chrome browsers during an update. Expert Michael Cobb explains the problems that existed with the extension. Read More

On tap for Microsoft Ignite conference: Adobe, Dynamics 365, LinkedIn

By Jesse Scardina 06 Sep 2017

New Adobe integrations and further integrations of existing products are possible announcements from Microsoft Ignite 2017. Read More

Adobe and Microsoft strengthen partnership, integrate products

By Jesse Scardina 14 Apr 2017

By partnering, two tech giants are able to fill the gaps they have in their customer experience platform. Read More

Adobe Document Cloud adds mobile scan, upgrades e-signature software

By Jesse Scardina 15 Jun 2017

Adobe rounds out its cloud suite with Adobe Scan, which allows mobile employees to capture documents and images and turn them into searchable PDFs, and enhancements to Adobe Sign. Read More