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How the Meltdown vulnerability affects cloud services

By Dave Shackleford 28 Feb 2018

The Meltdown vulnerability has far-reaching implications, including with cloud providers. Expert Dave Shackleford looks at the Meltdown CPU flaw and what it means for the cloud. Read More

Self-sovereign identity: How will regulations affect it?

By Rob Wright 20 Apr 2018

Will laws like GDPR and PSD2 force enterprises to change their identity management strategies? Expert Bianca Lopes talks regulations, self-sovereign identity and blockchain. Read More

How EMC and VMware security vulnerabilities affect the cloud

By Dave Shackleford 28 Mar 2018

Some EMC and VMware security vulnerabilities could be bad news for the cloud. Expert Dave Shackleford explains the flaws and their potential effect on cloud services. Read More

How does user location affect VDI capacity planning?

By Robert Sheldon 22 Mar 2018

When coming up with a VDI capacity plan, IT must account for exactly where users are located and possibly consider an SD-WAN or edge computing. Read More

How AI and machine learning affect end-user computing

12 Mar 2018

End-user computing administrators need to start paying attention to AI and machine learning, not because these technologies will take over their jobs, but because they can bring productivity benefits to both ... Read More

How network automation scripts will affect veteran engineers

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 08 Mar 2018

This week, bloggers look at how engineers will need to adapt to changes such as network automation scripts, offer projections for RSA 2018 and debate network transformation. Read More

How does Tizi spyware affect Android apps?

By Michael Cobb 06 Mar 2018

Android apps affected by Tizi spyware were found in the Google Play Store by Google's Play Protect team. Expert Michael Cobb reviews the threat and how it was fixed. Read More

How IoT botnets affect the 'internet of money,' cryptocurrency

By James Warner 08 Feb 2018

We know botnets can wreak havoc, but what about IoT botnets? And how will they affect cryptocurrencies? Nexsoftsys's James Warner discusses. Read More

Data breaches set to affect future sales

By Warwick Ashford 08 Feb 2018

The failure to protect customer data is set to create long-term business problems for organisations in Europe and the US, a survey reveals Read More

How a Dell and VMware merger could affect EMC storage

By Garry Kranz 06 Feb 2018

Enterprise storage stalwart EMC was majority owner of VMware and now may wind up a subsidiary if Dell merges with the virtualization giant. Dell said no decision has been reached. Read More