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Comparing Diffie-Hellman vs. RSA key exchange algorithms

By Sharon Shea, Michael Cobb 20 Nov 2019

See which encryption method uses digital signatures, symmetric key exchanges, bulk encryption and much more in this Diffie-Hellman vs. RSA showdown. Read More

How Getty Images reduces bias in AI algorithms to avoid harm

By Kassidy Kelley 19 Nov 2019

In applications from internal job recruiting to law enforcement technology, AI bias is a widespread issue. Here's what enterprises can do to reduce bias in training and deployment. Read More

Barclays demonstrates proof-of-concept quantum clearing algorithm

By Cliff Saran 17 Oct 2019

Barclays and IBM researchers publish paper on a quantum computing algorithm for securities transaction trading Read More

5 types of machine learning algorithms you should know

By Kassidy Kelley 20 Sep 2019

Machine learning can assist enterprises by quickly modeling large data sets. Choosing the right algorithm depends on the desired outcome and the makeup of your data science team. Read More

Open Source Sesame: Alibaba Cloud releases ML algorithm platform to Github

By Adrian Bridgwater 02 Dec 2019

Ali Baba (Arabic: علي بابا‎) is a poor woodcutter from the One Thousand And One Nights stories who discovers the secret of a thieves' den, entered with the phrase Open Sesame.  Ali Baba, the ... Read More

Hiring algorithms prove beneficial, but also raise ethical questions

By Patrick Thibodeau 02 Oct 2019

AI-capable tools in recruiting are being adopted by large users, such as Hilton and Delta Air Lines. The tools can cut recruiting time and costs, but they also raise questions about how to vet them. Read More

Problems around police algorithms emerge in government debates

By Angelica Mari 06 Aug 2019

Information sharing across agencies, data protection and governance implications are discussed as the government attempts to appropriately use data-driven technologies Read More

Data-driven strategies for succeeding in the algorithmic economy

By Brian Holak 07 Jun 2019

Crafting a data strategy is hard. Use cases help. At the MIT CIO Symposium, four IT leaders share how they're forging data-driven strategies that'll pay off in the algorithmic economy. Read More

Police use of algorithms needs stronger safeguards to prevent bias, report says

By Sebastian Klovig Skelton 16 Sep 2019

A study by the Royal United Services Institute calls for new code of practice to guide use of algorithmic tools in policing Read More

How to address the hidden risks of algorithmic decision making

By Ed Burns 09 Apr 2019

From biased customer interactions to harmful treatment recommendations, some risks of automated decisions have yet to be resolved. A Wharton School professor has a way out. Read More