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Testing the intelligence of AI in HR applications

By David Essex 26 Oct 2018

If an algorithm can't figure out things that it wasn't programmed to do, it's not learning anything and therefore isn't intelligent, says analyst Katherine Jones. Read More

IoT testing 1, 2, 3... Is this algorithm working?

By Manish Mistry 31 Jan 2017

Testing smart device performance is one piece of the puzzle; IoT requires a paradigm shift in the way products and solutions are developed and tested. Read More

Algorithm substitution attacks: Ensuring encryption algorithm security

By Nick Lewis 02 Apr 2015

Algorithm substitution attacks can decrypt secure communications and potentially expose enterprise data in plaintext. Learn how to mitigate the threat. Read More

Data skeptic Cathy O'Neil explains why we need to regulate algorithms

By Nicole Laskowski 21 Jun 2017

In part two of this SearchCIO Q&A, mathematician and data skeptic Cathy O'Neil argues it's time to establish a national safety board for algorithms. Read More

Is single-point sensing the next-gen IoT sensor network?

By George Lawton 26 Nov 2018

Single-point sensing systems help developers use advanced algorithms to replace the number of sensors in a network. But it's not a fail-proof method -- yet. Read More

How the SHA-3 competition declared a winning hash function

By Judith Myerson 11 Dec 2018

NIST tested competing hash functions over a period of five years for the SHA-3 algorithm competition. Learn the details of what they discovered from Judith Myerson. Read More

Machine learning algorithms set to transform industries

By Ed Burns 10 Jun 2016

Now is the time for businesses to think about putting in place machine learning applications to benefit from this hot advanced analytics technology trend. Read More

Is a cryptographic algorithm behind Juniper's backdoor?

By Michael Cobb 09 May 2016

Juniper firewall products were found to have two backdoor vulnerabilities. Expert Michael Cobb explains how a cryptographic algorithm and hardcoded password enabled this to happen. Read More

How does TLS 1.3 differ from TLS 1.2?

By Michael Cobb 05 Dec 2018

Compared to TLS 1.2, TLS 1.3 saw improvements in security, performance and privacy. Learn how TLS 1.3 eliminated vulnerabilities using cryptographic algorithms. Read More

Gartner: Time to take algorithms seriously

By Cliff Saran 09 Nov 2015

Legacy systems and existing supplier relationships are barriers to digitisation. Instead, CIOs should focus on algorithms, says Gartner Read More