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Deconstructing the storage algorithm

By Jon Toigo 02 Jul 2014

Jon Toigo examines the four steps of the storage algorithm, and concludes that the current storage equation just doesn't add up. Read More

Self-driving cars will test trust in machine learning algorithms

By Ed Burns 29 Aug 2016

The public's faith in machine learning techniques has never been put to the test quite like it will be by the emergence of self-driving cars, which are reliant on the technology. Read More

Technology at heart of Spurs’ new stadium

28 May 2019

In this week’s Computer Weekly, Sanjeev Katwa, the IT chief at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, discusses the tech behind the most technologically advanced football stadium in the world. We investigate how the data... Read More

SHA-2 algorithm: The how and why of the transition

By Michael Cobb 17 Oct 2014

Is it time to make the move to the SHA-2 algorithm? Application security expert Michael Cobb discusses and offers tips to ease the transition. Read More

How can I build AI capabilities for the data center?

By Clive Longbottom 28 Aug 2018

IT departments can integrate AI capabilities with their data center management workflows using machine learning algorithms that enable admins to automate functions over time. Read More

Speck finding its place in the internet of things

By Bill Horne 12 Sep 2018

Cryptography is critical to security, yet IoT devices often do not have the computational capability to handle algorithms such as AES. Intertrust's Bill Horne explains how Speck, a lightweight ... Read More

How entropy sources help secure applications with SDLC

By Judith Myerson 05 Jun 2018

Some applications need cryptographic algorithms to test and work properly. Expert Judith Myerson discusses this division in terms of the software development lifecycle. Read More

SIEM software basics and use cases for IT administrators

By Kristen Gloss 25 Jun 2018

Security information and event management products use algorithms to stop cyberattacks in their tracks, but they also offer other workflow benefits for admins. Read More

Intro to machine learning algorithms for IT professionals

By Mike Matchett 16 Jun 2015

Machine learning -- supervised and unsupervised -- tracks data patterns that help businesses build improved predictive models and make smarter IT decisions. Read More

How The New York Times uses predictive analytics algorithms

By Ed Burns 12 Oct 2015

Most print media companies have struggled to make money in the 21st century, but The New York Times is using predictive analytics tools to gain a competitive edge. Read More