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Coders feel responsible for impact of artificial intelligence on society

By Karl Flinders 15 Mar 2018

The technologists building artificial intelligence algorithms should take responsibility for the technology’s impact on society, a survey finds Read More

Paint me like one of your French GANs

By Ryan Priest 25 Oct 2018

World-renowned auction house Christie’s has offered up its first ever artwork created by an algorithm, but as usual with artificial intelligence (AI), there’s an elephant in the room: it’s crap. ... Read More

£5m Ada Lovelace Institute launched to look into data ethics

By Brian McKenna 28 Mar 2018

Nuffield Foundation announces institute to examine ethical and social issues arising from the use of data, algorithms and artificial intelligence Read More

Apache Twill: real abstraction is a decoupled algorithm

By Adrian Bridgwater 24 Aug 2015

Its like distributed is good, decoupled distributed is really good -- but abstracted decoupled distributed is even better. Read More

Identiverse 2018: Ping Identity acquires Elastic Beam, provider of AI-based API security

By Jack Madden 26 Jun 2018

API management and artificial intelligence (or, if you prefer, machine learning or simply ‘more advanced access control algorithms’) are key features of identity management today. Read More

How bias in AI happens -- and what IT pros can do about it

By Brian Holak 30 Aug 2018

At Gartner Catalyst 2018, Darin Stewart detailed how AI bias finds its way into algorithms, what IT pros can do to prevent it -- and why it's sometimes OK to intentionally insert it. Read More

Bar Mitzvah attack: Time to ditch the RC4 algorithm?

By Nick Lewis 29 Oct 2015

The Bar Mitzvah attack exploits weaknesses in the RC4 algorithm. Expert Nick Lewis explains why migrating from RC4 is better than adding additional security controls to secure it. Read More

Prepare now for quantum computers, QKD and post-quantum encryption

By Peter Ray Allison 27 Sep 2018

The predicted processing power of quantum computers is likely to make existing encryption algorithms obsolete. Quantum key distribution (QKD) is a possible solution - we investigate whether QKD is viable Read More

GDPR regulations put premium on transparent AI

By George Lawton 25 Apr 2018

As the EU's GDPR regulations go into effect, enterprises must focus on building transparency in AI applications so that algorithms' decisions can be explained. Read More

GDPR and AI: Data collection documentation essential to compliance

By George Lawton 31 May 2018

It's important to remember that artificial intelligence data and AI algorithms must hold up against GDPR regulations. Here's where GDPR and AI intersect and what CIOs can do to remain compliant. Read More