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Apache Twill: real abstraction is a decoupled algorithm

By Adrian Bridgwater 24 Aug 2015

Its like distributed is good, decoupled distributed is really good -- but abstracted decoupled distributed is even better. Read More

GDPR regulations put premium on transparent AI

By George Lawton 25 Apr 2018

As the EU's GDPR regulations go into effect, enterprises must focus on building transparency in AI applications so that algorithms' decisions can be explained. Read More

GDPR and AI: Data collection documentation essential to compliance

By George Lawton 31 May 2018

It's important to remember that artificial intelligence data and AI algorithms must hold up against GDPR regulations. Here's where GDPR and AI intersect and what CIOs can do to remain compliant. Read More

Bar Mitzvah attack: Time to ditch the RC4 algorithm?

By Nick Lewis 29 Oct 2015

The Bar Mitzvah attack exploits weaknesses in the RC4 algorithm. Expert Nick Lewis explains why migrating from RC4 is better than adding additional security controls to secure it. Read More

After the TSB debacle, is it time for IT people to run retail banking?

By Tim Worstall 27 Apr 2018

Given that high-street banks are effectively little more than a computer system processing algorithms, would they be better off run by tech experts than bankers? Read More

More curiosity could help narrow AI tools handle broader uses

By Torsten Volk 06 Apr 2018

Today, engineers are developing AI tools primarily for individual applications, but programming a facsimile of curiosity into algorithms could help make them more general purpose. Read More

Deep neural networks, speed limit signs and training on the fly

By Nicole Laskowski 31 Mar 2018

Because of data and compute power requirements, training a deep learning algorithm doesn't typically happen on so-called edge devices such as smartphones or drones. But Neurala Inc., a deep ... Read More

Humans and AI tools go hand in hand in analytics applications

By Craig Stedman 28 Mar 2018

Companies are keeping data analysts and other workers in the loop with AI applications to check the results generated by automated algorithms for accuracy, relevance and missing info. Read More

News briefs: Study outlines best practices for patient matching

By Makenzie Holland 26 Jun 2018

Two organizations seek to improve patient identity management. A cybersecurity firm published a study on PHI sold on the dark web. And the FDA permitted the marketing of an AI algorithm for wrist-fracture detection. Read More

Retiring obsolete SHA-1 and RC4 cryptographic algorithms, SSLv3 protocol

By Peter Loshin 26 May 2016

Microsoft speeds deprecation of SHA-1, Google dropping support for RC4, SSLv3, as web software publishers approach end of life for obsolete cryptographic algorithms and protocols. Read More