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CISSP training video: Cryptography algorithms and encryption keys

By Shon Harris 03 Oct 2014

In this CISSP Essentials Security School presentation, Shon Harris explains the basics of the Cryptography domain, including definitions, cryptography algorithms, encryption keys and more. Read More

RSA-1024 keys: How does a Libgcrypt vulnerability expose them?

By Nick Lewis 31 Jan 2018

A Libgcrypt vulnerability could allow attackers to recover private RSA-1024 keys, as it allows a left-to-right sliding window that shows how specific parts of the algorithm work. Read More

iXBRL inventor: my algorithm turns UK company data into 'useless PDFs'

By Mark Ballard 11 Aug 2015

The UK business registrar has been rendering its revolutionary company data useless with software written by the very man who invented the principle way to make it meaningful.It has taken Companies ... Read More

The suburban rogue trader's algorithms behind the 2010 US flash crash

By Karl Flinders 24 Apr 2015

US authorities accuse British trader Navinder Singh Sarao of manipulating the stock market with fraudulent trades, triggering the 2010 flash crash Read More

Frank Stajano

University of Cambridge

Frank Stajano is professor of security and privacy at the University of Cambridge, a Fellow of Trinity College and a member of the Digital Technology Group and the Security Group. He teaches undergraduate courses on algorithms and security.Read More

Facebook forges new nanosecond-variant unit of time

By Adrian Bridgwater 30 Jan 2018

Facebook doesn't usually make technical headlines unless the social site is being criticised over the implementation of its algorithm structure and questioned over whether it is unfairly promoting ... Read More

Secure Hash Algorithm-3: How SHA-3 is a next-gen security tool

By Michael Cobb 30 Oct 2015

Expert Michael Cobb details the changes in SHA-3, including how it differs from its predecessors and the additional security it offers, and what steps enterprises should take. Read More

Infinidat InfiniBox 3.0

By Garry Kranz 11 Feb 2018

InfiniBox 3.0 stores data on disk, deploying a small amount of flash as an acceleration tier. Its caching algorithm ensures the hottest data is on the fastest storage media. Read More

Atos targets universities and research centres with quantum computing simulator

By Karl Flinders 05 Jul 2017

Atos has made a quantum computing simulator available for sale so that organisations can test out the algorithms of the future Read More

Sample datasets key to successful AI at NHS

By Cliff Saran 11 Jan 2018

IT providers will need access to datasets from NHS Digital to create artificial intelligence algorithms, but they should be held accountable for the systems they develop, says report Read More