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Mathematician warns against weapons of 'math' destruction

By Nicole Laskowski 21 Jun 2017

In this SearchCIO Q&A, author and data scientist Cathy O'Neil talks about the danger of trusting algorithms too much. Read More

AI for finance adoption affected by legal, ethical issues

By Albert McKeon 18 Sep 2017

Some experts say that for the foreseeable future, machine learning algorithms and other AI technologies will require human oversight for finance services and data privacy. Read More

Becoming a data-driven enterprise requires art, science

By Ed Burns 10 Oct 2017

Business analytics strategy often seeks to squeeze as much subjectivity from the process as possible. But when data is limited, human-algorithm pairings can perform well. Read More

RSA vetoes NSA-linked encryption algorithm

By Warwick Ashford 20 Sep 2013

RSA advises customers to stop using the encryption algorithm leaked documents suggest contains a back door placed by the NSA Read More

How to win in the AI era? For now, it's all about the data

By Nicole Laskowski 21 Nov 2017

Deep learning pioneer Andrew Ng explains why data, not algorithms, gives companies a first-mover advantage in the current AI era. Plus: the four traits of an AI company. Read More

Ship data to provider, switch on machine learning capabilities

By Jason Sparapani 31 Jul 2017

CIOs who want machine learning capabilities first need to get oodles of data to the algorithms. Not to worry -- they can mail or truck it in. Read More

How Facebook uses deep learning models to engage users

By Ed Burns 05 Jun 2017

At Facebook it's all about user engagement, and to accomplish this, the company relies heavily on deep learning algorithms to tailor its products to the interests of individuals. Read More

Risk & Repeat: Should IAM systems be run by machine learning?

By Rob Wright 12 Jul 2017

In this week's Risk & Repeat podcast, SearchSecurity editors discuss the identity and access management industry and how machine learning algorithms could govern IAM systems. Read More

Feature engineering headache disappears with deep learning

By Nicole Laskowski 13 Oct 2017

NEW YORK -- One of the biggest differences between machine learning and deep learning is the effort that goes into making the algorithms work. With machine learning, data scientists have to perform ... Read More

DevOps performance teams using AIOps for app performance insights

By George Lawton 04 May 2017

Find out how enterprise organizations are beginning to leverage algorithmic IT operations to mine performance logs and improve application performance. Read More