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Deft preprocessing marks deep learning techniques for data preparation

By Jack Vaughan 27 Jun 2017

Deep learning techniques for data preparation include exploration of data sets and algorithms. This calls for more than a bit of art on the part of data engineers and scientists. Read More

Inside the PushDo botnet's domain generation algorithm capabilities

By Nick Lewis 07 Nov 2013

Expert Nick Lewis examines the reemergence of the PushDo botnet and its new domain generation algorithm capabilities, and the threats it poses. Read More

Using AI for finance is easy to imagine, but hard to do

By Albert McKeon 28 Aug 2017

Chatbots, machine learning and fraud detection are real, and excitement is building for algorithms that can forecast better than humans. But true AI remains a slippery concept. Read More

Cloud native series: Sumo Logic points to ‘dramatic’ adoption of Linux on Azure

By Adrian Bridgwater 18 Sep 2017

It’s 2017 – and that means we’re now starting to build software application development architectures, algorithms and applications for the cloud computing model of service-based application and ... Read More

Retailers need chief algorithm officers to make e-commerce pay

By Brian McKenna 10 Jul 2014

Michael Ross, chief scientific officer at eCommera, an ecommerce software and services company, calls for chief algorithm officers Read More

Deep learning and neural networks gain commercial footing

By Maria Korolov 10 Oct 2019

Deep learning and neural networks are picking up steam in applications like self-driving cars, radiology image processing, supply chain monitoring and cybersecurity threat detection. Read More

Machine learning in cybersecurity is coming to IAM systems

By Rob Wright 22 Jun 2017

Machine learning in cybersecurity applications for identity management systems are becoming more common today. But will algorithms be the best option for authenticating and authorizing users? Read More

Cornell Tech puts computer vision into practice on clothing

By Mark Labbe 03 Oct 2019

A team at Cornell Tech built a clothing recognition dataset, and recently turned to Samasource, which provides AI training data services, to annotate tens of thousands of images. Read More

Reinforcement learning and deep learning pairing pushes AI limits

By George Lawton 29 Jul 2019

The pairing of reinforcement and deep learning is enabling researchers to push the boundaries of what AI can do and could help contribute to advanced applications. Read More

Lies, damned lies, and Neistats

By Ryan Priest 19 Oct 2017

Celebrity man-child YouTuber Casey Neistat is the latest bizarre character to berate the nuances of the site’s recent algorithm tweaks, as they continue to put perfect lives under slight threat. We ... Read More