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A new era of continuous streaming IoT analytics

By Mark Palmer 08 Nov 2019

Streaming business intelligence tools update the traditional analytics game to get the most out of real-time IoT sensor data instead of getting caught up on events that already happened. Read More

Lies, damned lies, and Neistats

By Ryan Priest 19 Oct 2017

Celebrity man-child YouTuber Casey Neistat is the latest bizarre character to berate the nuances of the site’s recent algorithm tweaks, as they continue to put perfect lives under slight threat. We ... Read More

Can Google and Facebook clean up on-line advertising in time?

By Philip Virgo 19 Feb 2017

Google and Facebook need to lead the way towards auditable algorithms before loss of trust destroys their advertising funded business models Read More

Remote device management of connected robots

By Sachin Kurlekar 29 Oct 2019

Robot original equipment manufacturers and solution providers need to prioritize and build a scalable remote management solution that includes core functional features, security and additional ... Read More

MIT aims to pry open 'black box' of machine learning systems

By Nicole Laskowski 12 May 2017

MIT's Sam Madden said machine learning algorithms are more dark art than science. A new initiative at MIT hopes to change that. The Data Mill reports. Read More

Triple DES: How strong is the data encryption standard?

By Jon Callas 31 May 2017

Expert Jon Callas explains how strong the Triple DES symmetric encryption algorithm actually is and offers guidance on how it compares to other widely used block ciphers. Read More

Deep learning and neural networks gain commercial footing

By Maria Korolov 10 Oct 2019

Deep learning and neural networks are picking up steam in applications like self-driving cars, radiology image processing, supply chain monitoring and cybersecurity threat detection. Read More

IBM to acquire i2 and Algorithmics

By Nicole Laskowski 01 Sep 2011

IBM has announced plans to acquire British security analytics software company i2 and Canadian financial risk analytics software company Algorithmics. Read More

Reinforcement learning and deep learning pairing pushes AI limits

By George Lawton 29 Jul 2019

The pairing of reinforcement and deep learning is enabling researchers to push the boundaries of what AI can do and could help contribute to advanced applications. Read More

NHSX reports advancements in artificial intelligence

By Angelica Mari 31 Oct 2019

Latest study showcases the work in artificial intelligence that is ongoing in the NHS as part of its Long-Term Plan Read More