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Machine learning in cybersecurity is coming to IAM systems

By Rob Wright 22 Jun 2017

Machine learning in cybersecurity applications for identity management systems are becoming more common today. But will algorithms be the best option for authenticating and authorizing users? Read More

AWS moves into quantum computing services with Braket

By Ed Scannell 03 Dec 2019

Amazon joined IBM, Google and Microsoft in the emerging quantum computing market this week with the Amazon Braket managed service along with a new quantum computing research center. Read More

AIOps exec bets on incident response market shakeup

By Beth Pariseau 17 Jan 2020

Resolve Systems, under a newly appointed CEO, will soon roll out a new product based on its FixStream acquisition that combines AIOps and IT automation. Read More

AI and machine learning in cybersecurity: Trends to watch

By Michael Cobb 06 Jan 2020

AI and machine learning in cybersecurity are not so much useful to security teams today as they are necessary. Examine cybersecurity automation trends and benefits. Read More

Can Google and Facebook clean up on-line advertising in time?

By Philip Virgo 19 Feb 2017

Google and Facebook need to lead the way towards auditable algorithms before loss of trust destroys their advertising funded business models Read More

Lies, damned lies, and Neistats

By Ryan Priest 19 Oct 2017

Celebrity man-child YouTuber Casey Neistat is the latest bizarre character to berate the nuances of the site’s recent algorithm tweaks, as they continue to put perfect lives under slight threat. We ... Read More

MIT aims to pry open 'black box' of machine learning systems

By Nicole Laskowski 12 May 2017

MIT's Sam Madden said machine learning algorithms are more dark art than science. A new initiative at MIT hopes to change that. The Data Mill reports. Read More

RSNA inundated by AI in radiology

By Makenzie Holland 12 Dec 2019

At RSNA, AI in radiology was everywhere. Unlike in years past, image analysis was just the tip of the iceberg. Analysts from Frost & Sullivan give their take. Read More

Alibaba’s growing open source stature

By Aaron Tan 01 Dec 2019

It’s not uncommon for cloud-first companies to participate in open source communities – after all, they have benefited from the very same open-source technologies that power their businesses. In ... Read More