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IBM to acquire i2 and Algorithmics

By Nicole Laskowski 01 Sep 2011

IBM has announced plans to acquire British security analytics software company i2 and Canadian financial risk analytics software company Algorithmics. Read More

Amid Microsoft MD5 deprecation, experts warn against SHA-1 algorithm

By Brandan Blevins 05 Feb 2014

With Microsoft's MD5 deprecation set for next week, experts say companies must be careful to avoid other weak protocols, like SHA-1. Read More

Sunset for SHA-1 certificates, as Google firms up plans for deprecation

By Peter Loshin 21 Nov 2016

As the internet prepares for deprecation of the obsolete secure hashing algorithm, Google and other browser companies prepare to drop support for SHA-1 certificates. Read More

How will BSS coloring boost Wi-Fi 6 performance?

By Lee Badman 01 Oct 2019

BSS coloring is a feature that will help accelerate Wi-Fi 6 performance. Find out how the new mechanism will help access points transmit more efficiently. Read More

The difference between autodialers and predictive dialers

By Jason T. Frost 04 Sep 2019

Some people don't know that a predictive dialer is a type of autodialer. There are, in fact, five broad categories of autodialers contact centers need to know about. Read More

How blockchain energy consumption affects supply chains

By George Lawton 25 Jul 2019

Blockchain's use of energy is proving to be a problem in supply chains, but why? Experts are diving into the issue and providing insight on two key factors: computation and speed. Read More

What's the purpose of CAPTCHA technology and how does it work?

By Joel Dubin 16 Sep 2019

Learn about the purpose of CAPTCHA challenges that enable websites to differentiate bots from authentic users to stop spammers from hijacking forums and blog comment sections. Read More

Researchers demonstrate undetectable encryption backdoor in crypto keys

By Peter Loshin 13 Oct 2016

Academic researchers show how to place undetectable encryption backdoors in cryptographic keys and passively decrypt data, which could undermine confidence in certain algorithms. Read More

Customer experience driving the convergence of AI and BPM

By Brian McKenna 14 Mar 2017

This is a guest blogpost by Gal Horvitz, CEO, PNMsoft Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to a wide variety of algorithms and methodologies that enable software to improve its performance over time ... Read More

Machine learning models take over the software industry

By Ed Burns 13 Dec 2016

Just as software took over the broader technology industry a few years ago, we're starting to see machine learning algorithms dominate software. There's good reason for this trend. Read More