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Algorithm gets cancelled

By Ryan Priest 11 Oct 2018

Amazon has had to rein in the artificial intelligence it was using to help vet job applicants after picking up on its male chauvinist tendencies. As is the case with its human bigot counterparts, ... Read More

How do machine learning algorithms differ from traditional algorithms?

By Nicole Laskowski 24 Aug 2018

In this ask the expert, ParallelM CTO Nisha Talagala lays out the similarities and differences between traditional software engineering and machine learning. Read More

Can work allocation algorithms play fair?

By SA Mathieson 15 Feb 2019

Allocating work by algorithm might have advantages for workers as well as employers. Can it be done fairly and with respect for “human capital”? Read More

Police algorithms should be regulated, says think tank

By Angelica Mari 26 Mar 2019

Better use and regulation of data-driven technologies should be the norm in UK policing, according to research Read More

Uncritical use of algorithms in justice can undermine public trust and individual rights

By Angelica Mari 05 Jun 2019

A Law Society report has raised concerns about the use of algorithmic systems in decision making in the criminal justice system Read More

The risks of regulating artificial intelligence algorithms

By Tim Worstall 04 Oct 2018

For AI to improve our lives, it needs to reflect the real world, but regulating algorithms to be how we would like them to be risks introducing an unreality that makes them ineffective Read More

How do AI algorithms automate IoT threat detection?

By Kayne McGladrey 09 Jan 2019

IoT threat detection is about to get easier, thanks to the automating abilities of AI algorithms. But, as IEEE member Kayne McGladrey explains, it doesn't mean humans are out of the picture. Read More

Combat algorithm bias with these software test pointers

By Gerie Owen 12 Nov 2018

As AI penetrates all kinds of software, it's imperative that testers devise a plan to verify predictive results. Put QA professionals on task to root out AI bias. Read More

Beware of unwitting bias in AI algorithms, experts say

By Nicole Laskowski 21 Nov 2018

Companies need to know how bias can unwittingly creep into recommendations from AI algorithms, according to panelists at the recent AI and the Future of Work event at MIT. Sophie Vandebroek, vice ... Read More

Introducing ‘focus and leverage’ – the value algorithm of the internet era

By Mark Thompson 06 Nov 2018

Anyone pitching a business idea or designing a new service needs to understand the economics of mature internet technology Read More