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Microsoft quantum development turns toward hardware

By Ed Scannell 11 Nov 2019

Microsoft revealed plans to jump into the quantum hardware business with a chip capable of running quantum software. Read More

How to build a neural network from the ground floor

By Kassidy Kelley, Manning Publications Co. 25 Nov 2019

Deep learning is powering the development of AI. To build your own neural network, start by understanding the basics: how neural networks learn, correlate and stack with data. Read More

IBM to acquire i2 and Algorithmics

By Nicole Laskowski 01 Sep 2011

IBM has announced plans to acquire British security analytics software company i2 and Canadian financial risk analytics software company Algorithmics. Read More

AI usage in healthcare upgrades imaging, analytics, automation

By Reda Chouffani 05 Dec 2019

Computer vision, deep learning and automation are making greater inroads into radiology, robot-assisted surgeries, virtual nursing assistants and fraud detection. Read More

The most in-demand data science skills you need

By Maria Korolov 18 Dec 2019

With the need for data scientists increasing, skills associated with the role are also in demand. Check out these top skills for one of the hottest jobs. Read More

Machine learning will have bigger impact than cloud

By Aaron Tan 06 Nov 2019

Workday’s vice-chairman explains how machine learning can help employees become more effective, and hints at the company’s moves beyond finance and HR software Read More

Amid Microsoft MD5 deprecation, experts warn against SHA-1 algorithm

By Brandan Blevins 05 Feb 2014

With Microsoft's MD5 deprecation set for next week, experts say companies must be careful to avoid other weak protocols, like SHA-1. Read More

Humans and machines: the partnership

By Brian McKenna 09 Jun 2017

This is a guest blogpost by Yasmeen Ahmad , Director of Think Big Analytics, Teradata Will you be superseded by an intelligent algorithm? Despite the fear mongering of robots taking over the world ... Read More

Sisense jumps on the smart data discovery trend with new update

By Ed Burns 12 Apr 2017

Sisense is betting that machine learning algorithms can improve its data discovery experience, a move that could soon become the new standard in self-service analytics. Read More

Goldman Sachs probed over alleged Apple Card gender discrimination

By Karl Flinders 11 Nov 2019

US financial services regulator is investigating allegations that Goldman Sachs’ credit decisions for its Apple Card offering show gender bias Read More