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Humans and machines: the partnership

By Brian McKenna 09 Jun 2017

This is a guest blogpost by Yasmeen Ahmad , Director of Think Big Analytics, Teradata Will you be superseded by an intelligent algorithm? Despite the fear mongering of robots taking over the world ... Read More

Amid Microsoft MD5 deprecation, experts warn against SHA-1 algorithm

By Brandan Blevins 05 Feb 2014

With Microsoft's MD5 deprecation set for next week, experts say companies must be careful to avoid other weak protocols, like SHA-1. Read More

Sisense jumps on the smart data discovery trend with new update

By Ed Burns 12 Apr 2017

Sisense is betting that machine learning algorithms can improve its data discovery experience, a move that could soon become the new standard in self-service analytics. Read More

Cornell Tech puts computer vision into practice on clothing

By Mark Labbe 03 Oct 2019

A team at Cornell Tech built a clothing recognition dataset, and recently turned to Samasource, which provides AI training data services, to annotate tens of thousands of images. Read More

1024-bit encryption keys: How 'trapdoored' primes have caused insecurity

By Michael Cobb 30 Mar 2017

Encryption algorithms using 1024-bit keys are no longer secure, due to the emergence of 'trapdoored' primes. Expert Michael Cobb explains how the encryption backdoor works. Read More

Sunset for SHA-1 certificates, as Google firms up plans for deprecation

By Peter Loshin 21 Nov 2016

As the internet prepares for deprecation of the obsolete secure hashing algorithm, Google and other browser companies prepare to drop support for SHA-1 certificates. Read More

Compliance analytics helps data storage meet PII standards

By Robert Sheldon 14 Nov 2019

Organizations are using predictive analytics and AI to sift through large data sets to ensure that any data stored is compliant with all personally identifiable information rules. Read More

What's the role of an application load balancer vs. API gateway?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 13 Aug 2019

Application load balancers and API gateways both manage network traffic, but in their own ways. Learn the differences between them and how to use them together in a modern IT deployment. Read More

6 criteria for selecting the right AI data storage

By Chris Evans 18 Sep 2019

Buying the wrong storage AI platform could have serious implications. Learn the six considerations that can affect your organization's product choice and strategy. Read More

Quantum computers mean cryptography needs to change, and soon

By Peter Loshin 26 Jul 2019

As quantum computing gains momentum with practical quantum computers due to come online as early as next year, concerns about post-quantum cryptography are pushed to the forefront. Read More