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Cornell researchers call for AI transparency in automated hiring

By Patrick Thibodeau 03 Dec 2019

Researchers at Cornell University want vendors to disclose how automated hiring systems are making hiring recommendations. They say it's the only way to know they're fair. Read More

Researchers demonstrate undetectable encryption backdoor in crypto keys

By Peter Loshin 13 Oct 2016

Academic researchers show how to place undetectable encryption backdoors in cryptographic keys and passively decrypt data, which could undermine confidence in certain algorithms. Read More

Machine learning models take over the software industry

By Ed Burns 13 Dec 2016

Just as software took over the broader technology industry a few years ago, we're starting to see machine learning algorithms dominate software. There's good reason for this trend. Read More

Customer experience driving the convergence of AI and BPM

By Brian McKenna 14 Mar 2017

This is a guest blogpost by Gal Horvitz, CEO, PNMsoft Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to a wide variety of algorithms and methodologies that enable software to improve its performance over time ... Read More

Data preparation steps increase to meet predictive analytics needs

By Jack Vaughan 06 Feb 2017

Data scientists building predictive models and machine learning algorithms often have to do more data preparation work upfront than is necessary in conventional analytics applications. Read More

Get your analytics architecture right to support scalable tools

By Ed Burns 23 Sep 2016

Analytics teams might prefer to spend their time developing algorithms, but overlooking the importance of analytics infrastructure could cause problems down the road. Read More

3 in-demand AI skills that boost data scientists' development

By Scott Robinson 31 Oct 2019

AI encompasses a wide range of disciplines, from advanced math to application development, and building a strong AI team starts with incredibly skilled data scientists. Read More

Artificial Intelligence: Spotlight on ASEAN

28 Aug 2018

The expectations around AI today may lead to disappointment, if one is expecting humanoids with the ability to think like humans do. It’s more realistic, for now, for enterprises to consider more applications of AI... Read More

AI set to replace traditional IT administrators

By Cliff Saran 25 Oct 2016

Demand for higher levels of availability will lead to increased use of automation. Over time, many IT roles will be taken over by intelligent algorithms Read More