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Using small data sets for machine learning models sees growth

By George Lawton 13 Nov 2019

While massive data sets allow for easy training, developers are using new techniques to mine and transfer data that allows for training on limited labeled information. Read More

Sunset for SHA-1 certificates, as Google firms up plans for deprecation

By Peter Loshin 21 Nov 2016

As the internet prepares for deprecation of the obsolete secure hashing algorithm, Google and other browser companies prepare to drop support for SHA-1 certificates. Read More

1024-bit encryption keys: How 'trapdoored' primes have caused insecurity

By Michael Cobb 30 Mar 2017

Encryption algorithms using 1024-bit keys are no longer secure, due to the emergence of 'trapdoored' primes. Expert Michael Cobb explains how the encryption backdoor works. Read More

Top 10 business applications stories of 2019

By Brian McKenna 27 Dec 2019

The steady incursion of artificial intelligence into enterprise software was a major theme behind Computer Weekly’s in-depth stories in this area in 2019 Read More

A new era of continuous streaming IoT analytics

By Mark Palmer 08 Nov 2019

Streaming business intelligence tools update the traditional analytics game to get the most out of real-time IoT sensor data instead of getting caught up on events that already happened. Read More

Accountability is the key to ethical artificial intelligence, experts say

By Sebastian Klovig Skelton 16 Dec 2019

The inherent opacity of artificial neural networks means human accountability is needed to keep these systems in check, rather than increased transparency of its inner workings Read More

Remote device management of connected robots

By Sachin Kurlekar 29 Oct 2019

Robot original equipment manufacturers and solution providers need to prioritize and build a scalable remote management solution that includes core functional features, security and additional ... Read More

Researchers demonstrate undetectable encryption backdoor in crypto keys

By Peter Loshin 13 Oct 2016

Academic researchers show how to place undetectable encryption backdoors in cryptographic keys and passively decrypt data, which could undermine confidence in certain algorithms. Read More

Machine learning models take over the software industry

By Ed Burns 13 Dec 2016

Just as software took over the broader technology industry a few years ago, we're starting to see machine learning algorithms dominate software. There's good reason for this trend. Read More

Customer experience driving the convergence of AI and BPM

By Brian McKenna 14 Mar 2017

This is a guest blogpost by Gal Horvitz, CEO, PNMsoft Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to a wide variety of algorithms and methodologies that enable software to improve its performance over time ... Read More