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How blockchain sharding solves the blockchain scalability issue

By Robert Sheldon 05 Sep 2019

Sharding is the answer to the scalability problem inherent in blockchain technology. Find out the advantages of sharding and the four problems associated with it. Read More

Achieving balance in Machine Learning development

By Adrian Bridgwater 14 Jun 2019

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network written by Ian Greenhalgh in his role as UK & US managing partner at Delaware. Spelled in lower case, delaware is a software ... Read More

Don't let a data-driven approach ax judgment from analytics equation

By Craig Stedman 12 Jan 2017

Data analytics can help improve decision-making in organizations. But human intuition and judgment need to be part of the picture to keep predictive models and analytical algorithms from going awry. Read More

Unlock machine learning with these Amazon SageMaker examples

By Ryan Dowd 31 Jul 2019

AWS has lowered the cost to train machine learning models. If you want to get started with Amazon SageMaker, befriend a data scientist and build a predictive chatbot. Read More

Australian firm to debut smart cricket ball

By Beverley Head 19 Aug 2019

With the cloud-connected ball and machine learning, amateur cricket players will soon be able to analyse their bowls and improve their game Read More

NHS gets £250m boost for AI and genomics

By Angelica Mari 08 Aug 2019

National Artificial Intelligence Lab will work on new treatments for cancer, dementia and heart disease Read More

AI sharpens unified endpoint management tools and apps

By Erica Mixon 30 Sep 2019

Endpoint management is never simple, but AI can help. In this handbook, learn how AI in UEM tools can significantly improve device security and management. Read More

How predictive modeling and forecasting failed to pick election winner

By Ed Burns 17 Nov 2016

Nearly all predictive modeling algorithms were way off in picking the winner of the presidential election. What went wrong can strike any predictive analytics project if data scientists and other analysts aren't ... Read More

How do I foster reusable code across dev projects?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 05 Aug 2019

Developers don't have a lot of free time. Code reuse helps dev teams focus on the most value aspects of a project, so ensure everyone knows how to write -- and test -- reusable code. Read More

Assessing China’s machine learning platforms

By Aaron Tan 03 Sep 2019

In a new market research report, technology analyst firm IDC offers insights on key suppliers of machine learning platforms in China Read More