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Assessing China’s machine learning platforms

By Aaron Tan 03 Sep 2019

In a new market research report, technology analyst firm IDC offers insights on key suppliers of machine learning platforms in China Read More

How racist bias is embedded in software systems

By Cliff Saran 20 May 2019

The issue of racist bias encoded in software made mainstream news last week, with a report on Channel Four news highlighting how software for profiling criminal suspects, tend to have racial ... Read More

Gigging for robots

By Cliff Saran 23 Aug 2019

A few months ago Automation Anywhere began collaborating with freelance software developer recruitment platform, Toptal, on robotic process automation in the human workforce. The concept is called ... Read More

Criteria for success in AI: Industry best practices

By George Lawton 03 Jul 2019

Is it useful to study how companies outside of your industry are applying AI? Experts from Shell, Uber and Fellow Robots believe so. Read about their criteria for success in AI. Read More

Pride and nerves delay AI adoption in the enterprise

By Mark Labbe 02 Oct 2019

A new study shows that AI adoption in the enterprise is slower than it ought to be. Experts point to a lack of education, the need for explainable AI, and even executive pride. Read More

How to optimize storage for AI, machine learning and deep learning

By Kurt Marko 28 Aug 2019

AI and deep learning apps use large data sets and fast I/O. But storage can cause performance issues. See what features your AI and deep learning storage systems should have. Read More

New Vawtrak Trojan variant leverages SSL pinning, HTTPS

By Peter Loshin 16 Aug 2016

Fidelis Cybersecurity reports notorious Vawtrak banking Trojan gets upgrades to increase security and evade detection, including SSL pinning and domain generation algorithm. Read More

How does AI enhance content security?

By Geoffrey Bock 12 Sep 2019

Programs such as Box Shield use machine learning to better secure content, as it monitors existing content continually to learn about new threats over time. Read More

How to resolve a vSphere TPM error

By Brien Posey 30 Sep 2019

If you encounter a host TPM attestation alarm -- meaning the system cannot verify your host -- in vSphere 6.7, you can modify settings in the server's UEFI to troubleshoot. Read More

How big tech breakup would affect the tech industry

By Shaun Sutner 16 Sep 2019

Breaking up the tech giants would be difficult and might create initial chaos in market, help smaller competitors and potentially raise prices for enterprises. Read More