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AI for decision-making shows promise, but worker trust an issue

By George Lawton 26 Jul 2019

Companies like Walmart are using AI for decision-making in business processes, but the discipline is new and workers are wary. Experts offer ways to build trust. Read More

Get started with machine learning in this Amazon SageMaker tutorial

By Christopher Blackden 18 Nov 2019

Watch this Amazon SageMaker demo on how to deploy machine learning models on AWS. From setting up IAM roles to sorting your data, this tutorial will guide you through the process. Read More

Data ethics issues create minefields for analytics teams

By Craig Stedman 02 Aug 2019

Organizations have to map out ethical boundaries for data mining and analytics applications, according to participants in a roundtable discussion on data and ethics. Read More

How Graphcore is putting AI on steroids

By Aaron Tan 27 Sep 2019

UK chipmaker Graphcore’s intelligence processing unit may just hold the key to unlocking the full potential of artificial intelligence Read More

New Vawtrak Trojan variant leverages SSL pinning, HTTPS

By Peter Loshin 16 Aug 2016

Fidelis Cybersecurity reports notorious Vawtrak banking Trojan gets upgrades to increase security and evade detection, including SSL pinning and domain generation algorithm. Read More

Mercer chief digital officer laser-focused on business value of AI

By Linda Tucci 17 Jun 2019

Identifying and communicating the business value of AI are crucial parts of the job for Gail Evans, CDO at Mercer and a finalist for the 2019 MIT Sloan CIO Leadership Award. Read More

Singapore’s SecureAge eyes US market

By Aaron Tan 05 Sep 2019

The Singapore-based supplier of encryption and anti-malware tools has set up a new office in Greater Washington, DC as the next logical step in its global expansion plan Read More

RC4 attack details: Can the RC4 encryption algorithm protect SSL/TLS?

By Michael Cobb 09 Sep 2013

Expert Michael Cobb provides background on the RC4 encryption algorithm and determines whether a recent RC4 attack signals trouble for SSL/TLS users. Read More

Why digital customer experience is now part of a CIO's job

By Nicole Laskowski 02 Oct 2019

Delivering a high-quality digital customer experience is becoming a key responsibility for IT leaders, say leading technology executives. AI and error budgets will come in handy. Read More

Machine learning for data analytics can solve big data storage issues

By Brien Posey 08 Aug 2019

Discover how AI and machine learning -- with support from major vendors and technologies like Lambda architecture, FPGAs and containers -- address big data analytics challenges. Read More