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IBM opens wider aperture on Watson OpenScale AI bias 

By Adrian Bridgwater 09 Jul 2019

By goodness and by golly, hasn’t AI already thrown up its own set of buzzphrases? Many of them have come about as a result of the bias that was an inherent part of initial systems development in ... Read More

Interview: Ruha Benjamin, author, Race After Technology

By Cliff Saran 17 May 2019

Why do systems that are supposed to help society seem to have a disproportionately adverse effect on ethnic minorities? Read More

AI in the IoT customer journey enriches the experience

By Jaimy Szymanski 25 Sep 2019

The typical customer experience has evolved with the adoption of AI and IoT, and consumers now expect organizations to include personalized features throughout the customer journey. Read More

How to solve deep learning challenges through interoperability

By Scott Robinson 28 Aug 2019

The challenges of training and overseeing advanced neural networks is leading to an implementation bottleneck in deep learning technology. Read More

Cloud provider sweeps away legacy storage for 1PB of Infinidat

By Antony Adshead 24 Sep 2019

Core DataCloud decommissions storage from several vendors to consolidate to 1PB on Infinidat Infinibox, with DRAM and flash to accelerate hot data in front of disk back end Read More

RC4 attack details: Can the RC4 encryption algorithm protect SSL/TLS?

By Michael Cobb 09 Sep 2013

Expert Michael Cobb provides background on the RC4 encryption algorithm and determines whether a recent RC4 attack signals trouble for SSL/TLS users. Read More

AI in HR seen as inevitable -- and unstoppable

By Patrick Thibodeau 26 Jun 2019

HR is preparing to embrace AI tools without knowing exactly what they will deliver or change. Attendees at the SHRM conference believe AI will, at least initially, take on routine jobs. Read More

Power BI breathes new life into Microsoft SQL Server 2016 functions

By Reda Chouffani 05 Aug 2016

Power BI, the analytics tool, is bringing new functionality to Microsoft SQL Server 2016 with beneficial developments including new mobile dashboards and advanced algorithms. Read More

How does AI aid in metadata tagging?

By Geoffrey Bock 06 Jun 2019

Using AI in tagging, a business task that once took hours now takes minutes, freeing employees for more pressing tasks and making them more productive. Read More

Grammarly AI and an update to the writing tool

By Mark Labbe 03 May 2019

A Grammarly update adds a new consistency checker tool to the writing platform that uses AI to automatically scan for multiple writing styles within a single document. Read More