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Artificial Intelligence: Spotlight on ASEAN

28 Aug 2018

The expectations around AI today may lead to disappointment, if one is expecting humanoids with the ability to think like humans do. It’s more realistic, for now, for enterprises to consider more applications of AI... Read More

Machine learning projects face data prep, model building hurdles

By Craig Stedman 25 Oct 2016

IT and analytics managers discuss the biggest challenges of machine learning applications, with data preparation and development of algorithm-driven analytical models sharing top billing. Read More

Mozilla set to dump SHA-1 certificates by early 2017

By Peter Loshin 21 Oct 2016

Roundup: Firefox browser will reject SHA-1 certificates as soon as Mozilla announces further details relating to the deprecation of the outdated algorithm; plus, Oracle patches and more. Read More

Compliance analytics helps data storage meet PII standards

By Robert Sheldon 14 Nov 2019

Organizations are using predictive analytics and AI to sift through large data sets to ensure that any data stored is compliant with all personally identifiable information rules. Read More

AI can enhance content security with a bit of planning

By Geoffrey Bock 20 Jan 2020

Microsoft and Box both use AI technologies to keep content secure in the cloud. But before using such tools, businesses first need policies and procedures in place. Read More

Gain deeper IT insight with machine learning for log analysis

By Walker Rowe 15 Jan 2020

As the log analysis tool market evolves, machine learning plays an increasing role in helping IT teams discover significant anomalies and outliers in their data. Read More

Don't let a data-driven approach ax judgment from analytics equation

By Craig Stedman 12 Jan 2017

Data analytics can help improve decision-making in organizations. But human intuition and judgment need to be part of the picture to keep predictive models and analytical algorithms from going awry. Read More

How Amazon HR influences hiring trends

By Patrick Thibodeau 20 Dec 2019

Amazon recently reached the 750,000 employee mark. As the company gets larger, so does its potential to shape wages and hiring. But its HR influence is a matter of debate. Read More

How predictive modeling and forecasting failed to pick election winner

By Ed Burns 17 Nov 2016

Nearly all predictive modeling algorithms were way off in picking the winner of the presidential election. What went wrong can strike any predictive analytics project if data scientists and other analysts aren't ... Read More

Cornell researchers call for AI transparency in automated hiring

By Patrick Thibodeau 03 Dec 2019

Researchers at Cornell University want vendors to disclose how automated hiring systems are making hiring recommendations. They say it's the only way to know they're fair. Read More