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Digital experience trends to watch in 2020

By Geoffrey Bock 20 Dec 2019

With the availability of AI, personalization engines and customer data platforms, businesses and consumers can expect improved digital experiences in 2020. Read More

Network security algorithms introduction

19 Nov 2008

This section of our chapter excerpt on network algorithms explains three important subtasks that arise with intrusion detection and outlines tools such as Bloom filters and Aho-Corasick trees. Read More

How automated machine learning tools pave the way to AI

By Kassidy Kelley 27 Sep 2019

Every enterprise is trying to get to machine learning and, ultimately, AI, but not every business has the level of skill in-house to make it happen. Is automated machine learning the answer for them? Read More

How blockchain energy consumption affects supply chains

By George Lawton 25 Jul 2019

Blockchain's use of energy is proving to be a problem in supply chains, but why? Experts are diving into the issue and providing insight on two key factors: computation and speed. Read More

Symmetric key encryption algorithms and hash function cryptography united

By Michael Cobb 29 Sep 2011

Can a secure symmetric key encryption algorithm be used in hash function cryptography? Learn more about these data encryption techniques. Read More

Analytics demands add loftier goals to data warehouse strategies

By George Lawton 13 Jan 2020

As the concept of storing data and the technologies needed to do it evolve, companies with set goals in mind are building their data warehouses to maximize analytics outcomes. Read More

Rapid evolution of quantum computing a concern for CISOs

By Alex Scroxton 10 Dec 2019

With the race to achieve so-called quantum supremacy hotting up, security pros are concerned that it will outpace the development of appropriate safeguards, according to a report Read More

Power BI breathes new life into Microsoft SQL Server 2016 functions

By Reda Chouffani 05 Aug 2016

Power BI, the analytics tool, is bringing new functionality to Microsoft SQL Server 2016 with beneficial developments including new mobile dashboards and advanced algorithms. Read More

Supervise data and open the black box to avoid AI failures

By Scott Robinson 26 Nov 2019

As AI blooms, marketers and vendors are quick to highlight easy positive use cases. But implementation can -- and has -- gone wrong in cases that serve as warnings for developers. Read More

Cradlepoint NetCloud update avoids unnecessary data usage

By Antone Gonsalves 10 Jan 2020

Cradlepoint Netcloud has new analytics that help companies avoid the cost of exceeding the limits of their data plans for wireless links on the vendor's SD-WAN. Read More