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Machine learning for data analytics can solve big data storage issues

By Brien Posey 08 Aug 2019

Discover how AI and machine learning -- with support from major vendors and technologies like Lambda architecture, FPGAs and containers -- address big data analytics challenges. Read More

Role of AI in cybersecurity and 6 possible product options

By Jessica Groopman 26 Nov 2019

Cyberthreats loom large in this modern IT environment. Explore the six most common roles of AI in cybersecurity and the products synthesizing them. Read More

Can AI solve developers’ "image" problems?

By Adrian Bridgwater 01 Jul 2019

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network written by Tal Lev-Ami in his capacity as co-founder and CTO of Cloudinary. California and Israel based Cloudinary provides ... Read More

Autonomous drones come with challenges and great potential

By Sachin Kurlekar 05 Aug 2019

Drones have untapped potential in industrial IoT, but organizations must work through the challenges to successfully implement autonomous drones, Persistent Systems' Read More

Achieving balance in Machine Learning development

By Adrian Bridgwater 14 Jun 2019

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network written by Ian Greenhalgh in his role as UK & US managing partner at Delaware. Spelled in lower case, delaware is a software ... Read More

How ServiceNow is empowering Asia’s mobile workforce

By Aaron Tan 25 Nov 2019

ServiceNow’s newly minted managing director in Asia talks up the company’s sweet spots and traction in the region, and what it’s doing to abstract away workflow complexities for mobile workers Read More

Rent the Runway CEO discusses IT challenges, CX strategy

By Bridget Botelho 23 Oct 2019

Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman shares the company's CX strategy, describes its customer data collection and use, and addresses recent IT upgrade challenges. Read More

Tips on how to successfully bring AI culture to dev teams

By Cameron McKenzie 26 Jul 2019

The popularity of AI makes it an appealing option for some enterprises, but there's no one surefire option to implement AI culture with your staff. Follow these tips to open the door for AI in your ... Read More

Power BI breathes new life into Microsoft SQL Server 2016 functions

By Reda Chouffani 05 Aug 2016

Power BI, the analytics tool, is bringing new functionality to Microsoft SQL Server 2016 with beneficial developments including new mobile dashboards and advanced algorithms. Read More

McKinsey: Why some industries gain an AI advantage, while others lag

By Cliff Saran 26 Nov 2019

Study from McKinsey & Company finds data silos and a lack of enterprise integration are putting some industries at a disadvantage Read More