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Why signature-based detection isn't enough for enterprises

By Michael Cobb 18 May 2016

Signature-based detection and machine learning algorithms identify malicious code and threats. Expert Michael Cobb explains how both techniques defend networks and endpoints. Read More

The top AIOps use cases in network performance management tools

By Shamus McGillicuddy 15 Aug 2019

AIOps use cases in network performance management include automating certain network functions, including traffic analysis. But the data could be difficult to digest. Read More

Machine learning tips to build a facial recognition tool

By Jonathan Fries 17 Jul 2019

Organizations must train their machine learning models to create real-world applications, such as facial recognition check-ins. Exadel's Jonathan Fries discusses the do's and don'ts of using ... Read More

IBM opens new centre to house 53-qubit quantum computer

By Cliff Saran 18 Sep 2019

IBM hopes its cloud-connected quantum computer in New York will encourage the development of quantum-optimised software Read More

How TensorFlow helps deep learning applications in the cloud

By George Lawton 16 Jun 2016

TensorFlow optimizes the development and deployment of machine learning algorithms. But how can it leverage the cloud to build deep learning apps? Expert George Lawton explains. Read More

How to explain the business benefits of advanced machine learning

By Ed Burns 18 Aug 2016

The business value of machine learning algorithms isn't always obvious. As the top data scientist at one analytics services provider knows, they often require some explanation to business audiences. Read More

3 important steps to get started with AI

By David Petersson 31 Jul 2019

David Petersson lays out three steps that will change how you think about AI and help your business get started with AI. Read More

NHS 111 shows how medical diagnosis can be computerised

By SA Mathieson 13 Mar 2015

Can the logistical and financial pressures on the NHS be eased by software algorithms? Read More

AWS G4 aims to lower cost of GPU-powered AI inference

By Cliff Saran 23 Sep 2019

Amazon Web Services seeks to cut the cost of running artificial intelligence inference engines with the introduction of a Nvida V100 GPU-based instance Read More

Systems infrastructure for deep learning software in flux

By Jack Vaughan 31 May 2016

New approaches to hardware infrastructure are being put forward to address the challenges of running deep learning algorithms and other heavy-duty artificial intelligence applications. Read More