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How to decode a cipher: Identifying a cryptographic hash algorithm

By Randall Gamby 23 Mar 2010

While it is possible to identify a cryptographic algorithm by way of cipher bit sequences, it can be difficult, and is sometimes illegal. IAM expert Randall Gamby gives advice and a warning. Read More

Systems infrastructure for deep learning software in flux

By Jack Vaughan 31 May 2016

New approaches to hardware infrastructure are being put forward to address the challenges of running deep learning algorithms and other heavy-duty artificial intelligence applications. Read More

Book Review: Algorithms in Java

01 Jun 2008

Algorithms in Java, by Robert Sedgewick, is a Java-based version of a curriculum written in 1983 by Professor Sedgewick. It's currently in two volumes: the first covers fundamentals, data structures, sorting, and ... Read More

Mercer chief digital officer laser-focused on business value of AI

By Linda Tucci 17 Jun 2019

Identifying and communicating the business value of AI are crucial parts of the job for Gail Evans, CDO at Mercer and a finalist for the 2019 MIT Sloan CIO Leadership Award. Read More

Data ethics issues create minefields for analytics teams

By Craig Stedman 02 Aug 2019

Organizations have to map out ethical boundaries for data mining and analytics applications, according to participants in a roundtable discussion on data and ethics. Read More

Aviso introduces version 2.0 of AI-guided sales platform

By Ha Ta 26 Nov 2019

Version 2.0 provides artificial intelligence tools that predict deal close probabilities, guide next best actions and limit typos and unsaved changes during entry of data. Read More

Russia’s VTB and Rostelecom focus on big data

20 Jan 2020

Russian financial services and telecoms enterprises to create a platform that will allow them and other organisations to utilise big data technology Read More

Sisense analytics platform update features AI, data prep tool

By Eric Avidon 03 Dec 2019

Augmented intelligence features and an in-warehouse data prep tool highlight Sisense's latest update, its second since acquiring Periscope Data in May. Read More

Understand the top 4 use cases for AI in cybersecurity

By Jessica Groopman 29 Oct 2019

AI applications in security offers organizations four unique benefits. Learn how machine learning advances can change industry approaches to threat detection and prevention. Read More

7 AI and IoT features create seamless ends in customer journeys

By Jaimy Szymanski 22 Nov 2019

In the commerce and post-commerce phases of the customer journey, AI and IoT applications -- such as biometric payment or loyal customer engagement -- build a seamless customer experience. Read More