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Tips on how to successfully bring AI culture to dev teams

By Cameron McKenzie 26 Jul 2019

The popularity of AI makes it an appealing option for some enterprises, but there's no one surefire option to implement AI culture with your staff. Follow these tips to open the door for AI in your ... Read More

Deep learning applications could have big impact on big data

By Ed Burns 24 May 2016

Unleashing deep learning algorithms on sets of big data can help organizations analyze text, images, videos and other forms of unstructured data. Learn why in this Talking Data podcast. Read More

Hashing strings with any algorithm

17 Oct 2006

Cryptographic hash functions ensure than a message was not altered when it was sent over an insecure channel. This C# function generates the hash of a string based on your favorite algorithm. Read More

Quantum computing in business applications is coming

By Gabriella Frick 03 Jan 2020

Quantum computers are closer than you think. While tech companies make progress toward building functioning machines, there are quantum applications that organizations can utilize. Read More

Smarter IoT applications incorporate machine learning

By Deepak Puri 19 May 2016

IoT sensor data is hard to analyze and act upon in a timely manner. Machine learning lets IoT systems modify their own algorithms to get the best outcome. Read More

How racist bias is embedded in software systems

By Cliff Saran 20 May 2019

The issue of racist bias encoded in software made mainstream news last week, with a report on Channel Four news highlighting how software for profiling criminal suspects, tend to have racial ... Read More

Unlock machine learning with these Amazon SageMaker examples

By Ryan Dowd 31 Jul 2019

AWS has lowered the cost to train machine learning models. If you want to get started with Amazon SageMaker, befriend a data scientist and build a predictive chatbot. Read More

UKtech50 2019 winner: Demis Hassabis, co-founder and CEO, DeepMind

By Angelica Mari 28 Nov 2019

Computer Weekly profiles the achievements and journey of the founder of one of the world’s pioneering artificial intelligence companies, after his recognition as the most influential person in UK technology for 2019 Read More

Security consequences following the GSM encryption algorithm crack

By Nick Lewis 14 May 2010

The GSM encryption algorithm crack has created a serious real-world risk for enterprise organizations. Read More

Rent the Runway CEO discusses IT challenges, CX strategy

By Bridget Botelho 23 Oct 2019

Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman shares the company's CX strategy, describes its customer data collection and use, and addresses recent IT upgrade challenges. Read More