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How enterprises use dynamic pricing algorithms with AI, CRM

By Don Fluckinger 24 Oct 2018

Born out of the '80s era of airline deregulation, dynamic pricing finds new life and popularity when mixed with AI. In this Pipeline podcast, we talk with Ulrich von Beck of Pros. Read More

IT chiefs recognise the risks of artificial intelligence bias

By Cliff Saran 22 Nov 2019

Artificial intelligence promises to change the way businesses operate. IT leaders are now taking bias in AI algorithms seriously Read More

Oxagile on predictive analytics: 3 types of regression algorithms you should know

By Adrian Bridgwater 09 Jan 2019

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network written by Yana Yelina in her role as technology writer at Oxagile, a provider of software engineering and IT consulting services. ... Read More

Algorithmic discrimination: A coming storm for security?

By Rob Wright 30 Apr 2018

Following several RSA Conference 2018 talks on machine learning and AI, it's worth asking how algorithmic discrimination might manifest in the infosec industry. Read More

Algorithmic bias top problem enterprises must tackle

By Ed Burns 14 Aug 2018

No enterprise today would roll out an obviously biased AI tool, but many remain unaware of the risks of unconscious bias in algorithms, which can produce equally dangerous results. Read More

How to achieve explainability in AI models

By George Lawton 26 Nov 2019

At its core, AI is a complex modeling process with layers of information. In order to be able to explain the algorithm's decision-making process, start with its input data. Read More

New deep learning algorithms could improve robot sight

By Nicole Laskowski 31 Jul 2018

Self-driving cars, as brilliant as they are, are not nearly as good as humans at dealing with uncertainty. David Held has an algorithm for that. Read More

Government positive to Science and Technology Committee’s report on algorithms

By Lis Evenstad 10 Sep 2018

The government has issued its overwhelmingly positive response to the Science and Technology Committee’s report on the use of algorithms in decision making, published earlier this year Read More

GE: Success of AI systems tied to engineering, not algorithms

By Nicole Laskowski 16 Jul 2018

AI systems are hard to maintain and need an engineer's touch, according to Jeff Erhardt, vice president of intelligent systems at GE. Read More

Symmetric vs. asymmetric encryption: Deciphering the differences

By Michael Cobb 24 Sep 2019

Explore the differences between symmetric vs. asymmetric encryption algorithms, including common uses and examples of both, as well as their pros and cons. Read More