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Interview: Ruha Benjamin, author, Race After Technology

By Cliff Saran 17 May 2019

Why do systems that are supposed to help society seem to have a disproportionately adverse effect on ethnic minorities? Read More

McKinsey: Why some industries gain an AI advantage, while others lag

By Cliff Saran 26 Nov 2019

Study from McKinsey & Company finds data silos and a lack of enterprise integration are putting some industries at a disadvantage Read More

Ransomware: How to deal with advanced encryption algorithms

By Mike Chapple 17 Jul 2008

It's late in the day, and your CEO reports a strange message on his computer screen: his files have been encrypted, and a payment is required to return all of his data. What do you do? Don't give in to the ... Read More

How do I foster reusable code across dev projects?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 05 Aug 2019

Developers don't have a lot of free time. Code reuse helps dev teams focus on the most valuable aspects of a project. So ensure your team knows how to write, and test, reusable code. Read More

Tailored content heads machine learning in digital marketing

By Kassidy Kelley 25 Nov 2019

Consumers are no longer engaged with content alone -- companies need to create a robust digital marketing strategy personalized to each consumer. Machine learning is here to help. Read More

Detection deadlock algorithms in MySQL

By Scott Noyes 10 Jul 2007

An expert describes where to find information on detection deadlock algorithms in MySQL. Read More

Making sense of the internet of things

15 Apr 2015

Welcome to Thingalytics, the use of real-time analytics and algorithms to guide you through the maze of fast big data Read More

How does Microsoft's FourQ cryptographic library work?

By Michael Cobb 24 Feb 2016

Microsoft introduced a new cryptographic library based on FourQ, which the company says is faster than competing algorithms. Expert Michael Cobb takes a closer look at FourQLib. Read More

Amex credit card hack predicts replacement card number

By Michael Heller 01 Dec 2015

Samy Kamkar found a weakness in the algorithm American Express uses to generate replacement card information and created a credit card hack as a proof-of-concept. Read More

How quantum computing and machine learning boost each other

By Ed Burns 05 Nov 2019

If you haven't started thinking about how quantum computing will impact your enterprise, you should. It's coming on rapidly and will have major effects, particularly on AI. Read More