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Grammarly AI and an update to the writing tool

By Mark Labbe 03 May 2019

A Grammarly update adds a new consistency checker tool to the writing platform that uses AI to automatically scan for multiple writing styles within a single document. Read More

Machine learning tools best human accuracy in diagnosing cancer

By Alex DelVecchio 26 Apr 2016

Machines are just as capable as humans, if not more so, on almost every level when it comes to diagnosing patients. Open source machine learning tools and algorithms are able to identify cancer ... Read More

Google-Ascension deal reveals murky side of sharing health data

By Makenzie Holland 18 Nov 2019

The Google-Ascension partnership is a 'PR failure' that demonstrates a need for greater transparency about what happens to patient health data. Read More

Gigging for robots

By Cliff Saran 23 Aug 2019

A few months ago Automation Anywhere began collaborating with freelance software developer recruitment platform, Toptal, on robotic process automation in the human workforce. The concept is called ... Read More

Vast data doesn't have to restrict population-scale genomics

By Kristen Lee 15 May 2015

With the combination of a SaaS analytical platform and a custom algorithm, Nationwide Children's Hospital is taking on population-scale genomics. Read More

Oracle RAC and the Lamport algorithm

09 May 2007

In Oracle's RAC, the Lamport algorithm works with system change numbers (SCN) and the distributed lock manager (DLM) to control and lock management and conflict resolution; read more in this excerpt from "Oracle ... Read More

IBM opens wider aperture on Watson OpenScale AI bias 

By Adrian Bridgwater 09 Jul 2019

By goodness and by golly, hasn’t AI already thrown up its own set of buzzphrases? Many of them have come about as a result of the bias that was an inherent part of initial systems development in ... Read More

Assessing China’s machine learning platforms

By Aaron Tan 03 Sep 2019

In a new market research report, technology analyst firm IDC offers insights on key suppliers of machine learning platforms in China Read More

How does AI aid in metadata tagging?

By Geoffrey Bock 06 Jun 2019

Using AI in tagging, a business task that once took hours now takes minutes, freeing employees for more pressing tasks and making them more productive. Read More

AI sharpens unified endpoint management tools and apps

By Erica Mixon 30 Sep 2019

Endpoint management is never simple, but AI can help. In this handbook, learn how AI in UEM tools can significantly improve device security and management. Read More