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AI in HR seen as inevitable -- and unstoppable

By Patrick Thibodeau 26 Jun 2019

HR is preparing to embrace AI tools without knowing exactly what they will deliver or change. Attendees at the SHRM conference believe AI will, at least initially, take on routine jobs. Read More

How to optimize storage for AI, machine learning and deep learning

By Kurt Marko 28 Aug 2019

AI and deep learning apps use large data sets and fast I/O. But storage can cause performance issues. See what features your AI and deep learning storage systems should have. Read More

Top trends in AI, RPA, 5G to watch in 2020

By David Petersson 19 Dec 2019

5G, RPA and AI all made substantial gains in the previous year, but 2020 will be the time when CIOs really need to understand these technologies to make sound decisions. Read More

Cisco's picks for top 4 emerging networking technologies

By Antone Gonsalves 01 Nov 2019

Cisco's picks for top emerging networking technologies include machine reasoning, optical networking, cognitive radio and Citizens Broadband Radio Service. Read More

IBM acquires Algorithmics for $387m to prepare banks for tighter risk regulations

By Cliff Saran 01 Sep 2011

IBM is to acquire Algorithmics, a financial services risk management specialist, for $387m. Read More

AWS Re:Invent 2019 new product round-up: What CIOs need to know

By Caroline Donnelly 17 Dec 2019

In this guest post, Ivaylo Vrabchev, head of professional services at IT services management company, HeleCloud, shares his round-up of the most eye-catching announcements from this year's AWS ... Read More

How does AI enhance content security?

By Geoffrey Bock 12 Sep 2019

Programs such as Box Shield use machine learning to better secure content, as it monitors existing content continually to learn about new threats over time. Read More

How big tech breakup would affect the tech industry

By Shaun Sutner 16 Sep 2019

Breaking up the tech giants would be difficult and might create initial chaos in market, help smaller competitors and potentially raise prices for enterprises. Read More

Pride and nerves delay AI adoption in the enterprise

By Mark Labbe 02 Oct 2019

A new study shows that AI adoption in the enterprise is slower than it ought to be. Experts point to a lack of education, the need for explainable AI, and even executive pride. Read More

How Amadeus used FPGAs to break Moore’s Law threshold

By Cliff Saran 01 May 2019

The innovation team at Amadeus worked with technology university ETH in Zurich to test how FPGAs can be used in artificial intelligence Read More