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How Amadeus used FPGAs to break Moore’s Law threshold

By Cliff Saran 01 May 2019

The innovation team at Amadeus worked with technology university ETH in Zurich to test how FPGAs can be used in artificial intelligence Read More

AI storage platforms meet machine learning, data analysis needs

By Chris Evans 31 Oct 2019

Learn which storage for AI products organizations should consider buying, based on how machine learning and AI tasks will be performed and how data is collected in their environments. Read More

The top AIOps use cases in network performance management tools

By Shamus McGillicuddy 15 Aug 2019

AIOps use cases in network performance management include automating certain network functions, including traffic analysis. But the data could be difficult to digest. Read More

Researchers race for quantum AI as quantum computing advances

By George Lawton 15 Mar 2019

Machine learning is likely to be an early application of quantum computers, as researchers and developers look for the key to a more human-like artificial intelligence. Read More

AI in the IoT customer journey enriches the experience

By Jaimy Szymanski 25 Sep 2019

The typical customer experience has evolved with the adoption of AI and IoT, and consumers now expect organizations to include personalized features throughout the customer journey. Read More

Encrypted computing approaches practical app development

By George Lawton 27 Mar 2019

A new technology could make it easier to write apps that don't have to decrypt data and, therefore, improve security without a compromise made for development. Read More

Machine learning methods in EHR show promise, with limits

By Nicole Laskowski 25 Mar 2019

Carnegie Mellon University's Jeremy Weiss is on a quest to improve health predictions with machine learning and data from electronic health records. Read More

Cloud provider sweeps away legacy storage for 1PB of Infinidat

By Antony Adshead 24 Sep 2019

Core DataCloud decommissions storage from several vendors to consolidate to 1PB on Infinidat Infinibox, with DRAM and flash to accelerate hot data in front of disk back end Read More

3 important steps to get started with AI

By David Petersson 31 Jul 2019

David Petersson lays out three steps that will change how you think about AI and help your business get started with AI. Read More

Seeing through the hype: Where AI in healthcare shines

By Makenzie Holland 09 May 2019

While AI in healthcare shines in clinical areas like radiology, it is currently more widely adopted in nonclinical areas, such as medication development by pharmaceutical companies. Read More