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Predictive analytics in manufacturing starts to take hold

By Roger du Mars 13 Apr 2015

Manufacturers are realizing that long-term sustainability requires the ability to exploit machine-learning algorithms by employing predictive analytics. Read More

Machine learning on edge devices solves lack of data scientists

By Kassidy Kelley 19 Apr 2019

Enterprises are having a hard time hiring data scientists, who are scarce and high-priced. But as edge devices get smarter, they may not need them as badly. Read More

Researchers break W3C XML encryption algorithm, push for new standard

By Robert Westervelt 25 Oct 2011

Researchers in Germany have demonstrated weaknesses in the W3C XML encryption standard used to secure websites and other Web applications. Read More

Microsoft's history and future strategy beyond 2020

By Ed Scannell 27 Nov 2019

Microsoft's history over the past 20 years is marked by the pivot from closed software models to support for open source and cloud. Quantum computing will shape the next decades. Read More

IBM opens new centre to house 53-qubit quantum computer

By Cliff Saran 18 Sep 2019

IBM hopes its cloud-connected quantum computer in New York will encourage the development of quantum-optimised software Read More

How the channel can help fight bias in AI applications

By Esther Shein 26 Mar 2019

Customers' AI applications pose the risk of producing prejudiced results. Channel firms, however, can step in to educate organizations and reduce harmful biases within AI systems. Read More

AI in financial services helps speed consumer interaction

By Mark Labbe 18 Jul 2019

By using AI in finance, financial organizations are able to speed processes that otherwise would require more manual input from employees or consumers. Read More

New uses for GAN technology focus on optimizing existing tech

By George Lawton 19 Feb 2019

GAN technology has emerged as the latest facet of AI that can be applied to existing technology to stack learning. What else can it do? Here are emerging use cases for GANs. Read More

New AI laws could impact how HR operates

By Patrick Thibodeau 25 Oct 2019

Federal, state and local governments are turning its attention to the use of AI in all aspects of life. This includes how HR is using automated decision support systems. Read More

Experts discuss pressing data science problems and solutions

By George Lawton 10 Jul 2019

Most data science projects end up facing similar problems, such as lack of robustness and data quality issues. In this feature, experts offer tips on how to overcome these challenges. Read More