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How to reduce the bullwhip effect: Supply chain partners, data key

By George Lawton 20 Dec 2019

Understanding the causes of the bullwhip effect is critical to preventing it. Here's a look at why it happens and ways to close the gap between supply and demand. Read More

How IoT is transforming energy efficiency tactics

By Mike Jeffs 16 Oct 2019

Energy efficiency is a critical component to a retailer's everyday operations, and IoT sensors and data can help them save on energy consumption and costs. Read More

IBM AI executive talks AI adoption in the enterprise

By Mark Labbe 19 Nov 2019

AI use in enterprises is generally low, largely because the technology is not understood, and organizations have problems with data, trust and lack of skills. Read More

AI skills and explainable data models are top concerns for 2020

By Cliff Saran 08 Jan 2020

New research from IBM finds that 2020 is the year when executives want to deploy real-world artificial intelligence applications Read More

How ASEAN firms are using AI to combat cyber threats

By Ai Lei Tao 07 Jun 2019

Artificial intelligence tools are becoming a vital part of the security arsenal for organisations and cyber criminals alike Read More

AI helps supply chain analytics make better predictions

By Linda Rosencrance 10 Oct 2019

IoT sensors carry more data than ever into SCM platforms, making analytics simultaneously more complicated and effective. Machine learning is the indispensable helper. Read More

MD5 security: Time to migrate to SHA-1 hash algorithm?

By Michael Cobb 19 May 2010

Many organizations have been replacing the MD5 hash algorithm with the SHA-1 hash function, but can the MD5 hash algorithm still be used securely? Read More

The urgent need for enterprise AI governance -- and where to start

By Mary K. Pratt 15 Mar 2019

By 2022, 65% of CIOs will be tasked with modernizing governance policies to reflect the risks and opportunities posed by AI technologies. Here's why it can't be a one-person job. Read More

Collaborative robots' safety stalls enterprise implementation

By George Lawton 16 Sep 2019

Cobots are promising big gains, especially in enterprises utilizing manual labor. However, due to a number of safety concerns, human workers are still at risk. Read More

Best machine learning platforms comparison and buyer's guide

By Jamison Cush 04 Mar 2019

Is turning enterprise data into insights a business imperative for you? Then look to machine learning platforms. Here's everything to know about this cutting-edge market. Read More