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Generative adversarial networks could be most powerful algorithm in AI

By George Lawton 06 Jun 2018

The emergence of generative adversarial networks has been called one of the most interesting successes in recent AI development and could make AI applications more creative. Read More

IoT data management requires mission-critical edge processing

By Scott Robinson 03 Sep 2019

To get the most out of edge data, IT pros must know how to use machine learning algorithms to designate data to real-time or traditional cloud processes. Read More

Regulation for AI-based medical devices could drive adoption

By Makenzie Holland 03 May 2019

AI algorithms in healthcare currently regulated by the FDA are static and require manual updates. The FDA is now looking into what it would take to regulate AI algorithms that are dynamic. Read More

Enterprises work toward AI trust and transparency

By Kathleen Walch 28 Aug 2019

If ignored, a lack of trust in AI algorithms could diminish user adoption. To remedy this risk, enterprises are working to make their applications more transparent and explainable. Read More

DWP data hub develops prototype skills recommendation engine

By Cliff Saran 02 Jul 2019

Machine learning algorithm on Microsoft Azure identifies associated skills, based on the skills specified in online job adverts Read More

How to keep your implementation of AI free from algorithm bias

By Ed Burns 02 Apr 2018

When implementing AI, it's important to focus on the quality of training data and model transparency in order to avoid potentially damaging bias in models. Read More

Hiring vendor says gender-based AI bias is pervasive

By Patrick Thibodeau 19 Aug 2019

Gender bias in AI algorithms for recruiting and hiring is a big problem, according to the head of Job.com. With a new hire, the company is planning to change that. Read More

Machine learning algorithms: New tool for fighting cyberthreats?

By Mekhala Roy 27 Mar 2018

As hackers use increasingly sophisticated tech to tap into corporate data, machine learning platforms can help companies fight fire with fire by detecting cyberthreats early on. Read More

How to use machine learning to build a predictive algorithm

By Bridget Botelho 17 Jan 2018

Machine learning is an invaluable tool for solving business problems, but don't jump into it for predictive analytics without understanding these important factors. Read More

What's behind the Domo machine learning tool Did You Know

By Donald Farmer 09 Aug 2019

Domo's Did You Know feature uses machine learning algorithms to automatically pull analytics information out of data sets for business users. Here's how it works. Read More