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Symmetric vs. asymmetric encryption: Deciphering the differences

By Michael Cobb 24 Sep 2019

Explore the differences between symmetric vs. asymmetric encryption algorithms, including common uses and examples of both, as well as their pros and cons. Read More

Generative adversarial networks could be most powerful algorithm in AI

By George Lawton 06 Jun 2018

The emergence of generative adversarial networks has been called one of the most interesting successes in recent AI development and could make AI applications more creative. Read More

How drones and machine learning can prevent crocodile attacks

By Beverley Head 26 Sep 2019

Cloud-powered drones equipped with machine learning algorithms will soon be able to detect crocodiles lurking in the waters of Queensland, Australia Read More

Facebook automatically generates pages for Islamic State and Al-Qaeda

By Bill Goodwin 18 Sep 2019

Facebook algorithms have auto-generated hundreds of Facebook pages for the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia, according to a whistleblower Read More

Why quantum needs a classic approach for supremacy

By Cliff Saran 25 Sep 2019

Google claims it has developed an algorithm for a quantum computer that would take a traditional “classical” computer 10,000 years to run. We investigate Read More

Set up an AWS recommendation engine with Amazon Personalize

By George Lawton 26 Jul 2019

Amazon Personalize offers machine recommendation algorithms as a service, but it's not the only recommendation engine on the market with AI behind it. Read More

Regulation for AI-based medical devices could drive adoption

By Makenzie Holland 03 May 2019

AI algorithms in healthcare currently regulated by the FDA are static and require manual updates. The FDA is now looking into what it would take to regulate AI algorithms that are dynamic. Read More

How to keep your implementation of AI free from algorithm bias

By Ed Burns 02 Apr 2018

When implementing AI, it's important to focus on the quality of training data and model transparency in order to avoid potentially damaging bias in models. Read More

Machine learning algorithms: New tool for fighting cyberthreats?

By Mekhala Roy 27 Mar 2018

As hackers use increasingly sophisticated tech to tap into corporate data, machine learning platforms can help companies fight fire with fire by detecting cyberthreats early on. Read More

How to use machine learning to build a predictive algorithm

By Bridget Botelho 17 Jan 2018

Machine learning is an invaluable tool for solving business problems, but don't jump into it for predictive analytics without understanding these important factors. Read More