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How to use machine learning to build a predictive algorithm

By Bridget Botelho 17 Jan 2018

Machine learning is an invaluable tool for solving business problems, but don't jump into it for predictive analytics without understanding these important factors. Read More

Enterprises work toward AI trust and transparency

By Kathleen Walch 28 Aug 2019

If ignored, a lack of trust in AI algorithms could diminish user adoption. To remedy this risk, enterprises are working to make their applications more transparent and explainable. Read More

DWP data hub develops prototype skills recommendation engine

By Cliff Saran 02 Jul 2019

Machine learning algorithm on Microsoft Azure identifies associated skills, based on the skills specified in online job adverts Read More

Deep learning algorithms power startup's beauty database

By Nicole Laskowski 22 Feb 2018

Deep learning algorithms are changing how we drive cars and navigate outer space. What about saving our skin? Silicon Valley startup Proven Beauty has a plan. Read More

How can domain generation algorithms be used to bypass ad blockers?

By Michael Cobb 08 Jun 2018

An ad network used domain generation algorithms to bypass ad blockers and launch cryptomining malware. Expert Michael Cobb explains how and the best way to prevent these attacks. Read More

Hiring vendor says gender-based AI bias is pervasive

By Patrick Thibodeau 19 Aug 2019

Gender bias in AI algorithms for recruiting and hiring is a big problem, according to the head of Job.com. With a new hire, the company is planning to change that. Read More

How computer vision powered by Nvidia helped Winnow tackle food waste

By Cliff Saran 14 Jun 2019

Winnow has developed a biologically inspired machine learning algorithm to identify what foods are being thrown away Read More

What's behind the Domo machine learning tool Did You Know

By Donald Farmer 09 Aug 2019

Domo's Did You Know feature uses machine learning algorithms to automatically pull analytics information out of data sets for business users. Here's how it works. Read More

CDEI publishes reports on online targeting and bias in algo decisions

By Brian McKenna 22 Jul 2019

Recommendations due in late 2019 and early 2020 from Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation’s work on online targeting and bias in algorithmic decision-making Read More

Working toward explainable AI

By Mark Labbe 26 Jun 2019

Many constituencies are on a push toward explainable AI algorithms, as AI technologies become more widespread, powerful and relied upon than ever before. Read More