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CIOs, the age of the algorithm takes hold -- for better and worse

By Nicole Laskowski 20 Dec 2017

Tom Davenport and Bill Franks from the International Institute for Analytics give their expert opinions on where analytics is headed in 2018. Read More

Machine learning algorithms meet data governance

By Jack Vaughan 29 Sep 2017

Machine learning algorithms may change computing, but they're a bit of a black box. Still, there are ways to tame them with flexible data governance, according to tech startup exec Andrew Burt. Read More

IBM interprets machine models with AI Explainability kit

By Darryl K. Taft 09 Aug 2019

IBM's open source AI Explainability 360 toolkit packages algorithms and training examples to help humans better understand the decision-making process of machine learning models. Read More

Department of Health pushes online regulation agenda

By Angelica Mari 01 May 2019

Tech giants commit to initiative to remove harmful content from their websites but MPs call for further changes in algorithms Read More

CW APAC: Buyer’s guide to human capital management

19 Sep 2019

In this buyer’s guide, focused on human capital management (HCM) in the Asia-Pacific region, we look at the advantages of HCM software in recruitment, the importance of listening to staff and the considerations ... Read More

Winners of ONC's Patient Matching Algorithm Challenge announced

By Kristen Lee 10 Nov 2017

Patient matching has been an important issue in health IT and healthcare specifically as it relates to interoperability. More specifically, the inability to match patients to their health data, no ... Read More

How to recycle data from AI for employee engagement efforts

By Kassidy Kelley 31 May 2019

By reusing the data collected for AI algorithms and the insights they generate, enterprises can boost employee performance and improve business processes. Read More

Multimodal machine learning in healthcare aids patient consults

By Nicole Laskowski 15 May 2019

In this Q&A, Louis-Philippe Morency talks about how he's building algorithms that capture and analyze the three V's of communication -- voice, verbal and visual. Read More

Can democracy and the advertising funded Internet survive the war of the algorithms?

By Philip Virgo 30 Dec 2017

AI as an excuse for obfuscating responsibility for commercial decisions Much of the current hype over Big Data and Artificial intelligence results from the large scale use of use of old techniques ... Read More

Training data for algorithms must be right, not just plentiful

By Nicole Laskowski 18 Dec 2017

Machine learning algorithms require training data -- and a lot of it -- to get the models working correctly. But more training data alone doesn't necessarily make for smarter algorithms, according ... Read More