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Data preparation for machine learning still requires humans

By Kathleen Walch 29 Mar 2019

Looking to AI to automate more of your processes? Don't overlook the labor that's still needed to prepare data for training machine learning and AI algorithms. Read More

Recipe for lost customers: Flight cancellations and AI algorithms

By Don Fluckinger 20 Jul 2017

As companies enjoy the benefits that automation and AI algorithms bring to next-generation CRM, leaders must closely examine the legal and customer retention ramifications. Read More

March Madness analytics, AI help data scientist fill bracket

By Mark Labbe 01 Apr 2019

To create his March Madness bracket predictions, the head of data science at DataRobot uses a host of machine learning algorithms and some predictive analytics. Read More

Tuning and maintaining algorithms: The Achilles' heel of AI projects

By Don Fluckinger 14 Jul 2017

Content management systems from OpenText and others offer artificial intelligence, but it isn't plug and play; AI requires human intelligence to tune and maintain algorithms. Read More

How to solve the black box AI problem through transparency

By Kassidy Kelley 15 May 2019

Ethical AI black box problems complicate user trust in the decision making of algorithms. As AI looks to the future, experts urge developers to take a glass box approach. Read More

VMware uses machine learning algorithms for proactive problem solving

By Rob Bastiaansen 18 Sep 2017

Machine learning requires massive amounts of data to identify issues before they occur. VMware uses Skyline proactive support technology to more efficiently farm that data. Read More

Government launches investigation into AI bias

By Cliff Saran 19 Mar 2019

Advisory body will look at how systems that support decision-making may have inherent algorithmic biases that need to be taken into account Read More

Facebook loosens up on compression algorithms

By Adrian Bridgwater 05 Sep 2016

Facebook has open sourced its Zstandard compression algorithm. The technology itself is said to outperform 'zlib', which has previously been considered to the reigning standard in this field. What ... Read More

Machine learning algorithms make life easier -- until they don't

By Mike Matchett 15 Jun 2017

Algorithms govern many facets of our lives. But imperfect logic and data sets can make results worse instead of better, so it behooves all of us to think like data scientists. Read More

Making connections: Big data algorithms walk a thin line

By Jack Vaughan 25 Aug 2017

Big data algorithms are at the heart of some travel snafus of late. Increasingly, data analytics teams need to look deeper into how algorithms work and the data on which they feed. Read More