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Teradata analytics guru: one algorithm to rival them all?

By Adrian Bridgwater 12 Apr 2017

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network written by Yasmeen Ahmad in her role as practice partner for analytic business consulting at database and data services ... Read More

Should we be worried that half of UK organisations don’t have a policy for the safe use of AI?

29 Mar 2019

As artificial intelligence becomes more mainstream, business leaders must be aware of the risks and make sure their firms do not build bias into AI algorithms Read More

Deep learning algorithms demand nearly limitless supplies of data

By Ed Burns 24 May 2017

More data almost always makes deep learning projects more effective. One data science manager says there's essentially no limit to the amount of data he wants to have access to for his team's projects. Read More

AI proves value in HR, but handle with care

04 Jun 2019

In this e-guide, discover how the allocation of work by algorithm might have advantages for workers as well as employers, how AI is proving its value for HR and how data analytics is being used to support expansion... Read More

The ultimate guide to data preparation

22 Oct 2019

Poor data equates to wrong decisions, bias in the AI algorithm and flawed decision-making. What's more, data that personally identifies an individual can only be used in very specific ways, as stipulated by GDPR. ... Read More

What is post-quantum cryptography and should we care?

By Hanno Böck 26 Mar 2019

Post-quantum cryptographic algorithms are aimed at securing encrypted data against super-powerful computers in the future, but will they even be necessary? Hanno Böck explains. Read More

Researchers work on AI algorithms to detect fake news

By Ed Burns 13 Jan 2017

A new challenge to identify fake news will test the boundaries of AI technology and offer a proving ground for innovative new approaches to the technology. Read More

If you don't care about the algorithm economy, here's why you should

By Jodie Ng 13 Jun 2016

The algorithm economy is a growing idea that every developer should pay attention to. Buying and selling algorithms has never been easier, but what else can it bring? Read More

Bobbie Stempfley: Cybersecurity AI has a long way to go

By Rob Wright 19 Mar 2019

Many cybersecurity vendors have embraced AI and machine learning, but CERT Division's Bobbie Stempfley says more work is needed around testing algorithms and validating results. Read More

NYPD's Patternizr crime analysis tool raises AI bias concerns

By Brian Holak 14 Mar 2019

The NYPD has rolled out Patternizr, a machine learning algorithm that helps analysts identify crime patterns but highlights the complexity around eliminating AI bias in real-world systems. Read More