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The state of Android enterprise in 2017

By Jason Bayton 28 Nov 2017

Enterprise mobility consultant and Android SME Jason Bayton reflects on the evolution of Android enterprise, where it is today, and what’s to come. Read More

CopyCat malware: How does this Android threat operate?

By Nick Lewis 30 Jan 2018

Check Point researchers discovered new Android malware named CopyCat, which has infected 14 million devices. Learn how this malware works and how it spread from expert Nick Lewis. Read More

What do Dnsmasq vulnerabilities mean for Android users?

By Matthew Pascucci 19 Jan 2018

Researchers found several Dnsmasq vulnerabilities that affect Google's Android operating system. Matt Pascucci explains how these flaws can be exploited by threat actors. Read More

Skygofree Android spyware is a powerful surveillance tool

By Michael Heller 17 Jan 2018

A new Android spyware tool called Skygofree was described as one of the most powerful surveillance tools and can even capture encrypted messages from WhatsApp. Read More

Android Instant Apps is like App-V for Android

By Gabe Knuth 06 Nov 2017

Android Instant Apps sounds a lot like traditional app streaming, and though it is similar on the surface, there are some key differences. Ultimately, though, it's still about delivering parts of apps that users ... Read More

Ricoh opens shutters for Android-based plug-ins

By Adrian Bridgwater 09 Jan 2018

Every company is now a software company, this much we know to be true. If we accept this new truism, then a camera company must be a software company… or at least it must be a digital camera ... Read More

Unknown apps: How does Android Oreo control installation?

By Kevin Beaver 05 Jan 2018

Android Oreo replaced the allow unknown sources setting with a new feature that enables users to selectively install unknown apps. Kevin Beaver explains what this change means. Read More

Android bootloader: How does it work and what is the risk?

By Kevin Beaver 04 Jan 2018

Several vulnerabilities were recently discovered in Android bootloaders via the BootStomp tool. Kevin Beaver explains how they work and what risk these vulnerabilities present. Read More

Google got faster pulling bad Android apps from Play Store

By Michael Heller 31 Jan 2018

Google claims it is faster than ever at removing or rejecting bad Android apps from the Play Store before anyone has a chance to install the troublesome app. Read More

Ok Google: What's New in Android Oreo?

By David McClelland 22 Aug 2017

Google announces Android Oreo with refined notifications, better battery life, updated emojis and ‘the biggest change to the foundations of Android to date’. Google has opened the packet on version ... Read More