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Apache is a freely available Web server that is distributed under an "open source" license.Read More

Apache Impala, a native analytics database for Hadoop

By Adrian Bridgwater 29 Nov 2017

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has graduated Apache Impala to become a Top-Level Project (TLP). Apache Impala itself is an analytic database for Apache Hadoop, the open source software ... Read More

Apache Hadoop 3.0 goes GA, adds hooks for cloud and GPUs

By Jack Vaughan 03 Jan 2018

Is this the post-Hadoop era? Not in the eyes of Hadoop 3.0 backers, who see the latest update to the big data framework succeeding in machine learning applications and cloud systems. Read More

Apache Struts vulnerability blamed for Equifax data breach

By Michael Heller 15 Sep 2017

Equifax has confirmed an unpatched critical Apache Struts vulnerability was exploited in the breach that compromised the personal data of 143 million U.S. citizens. Read More

Apache Struts vulnerability affects versions since 2008

By Michael Heller 08 Sep 2017

A researcher discovered a remotely exploitable Apache Struts vulnerability being actively exploited in the wild. A patch was released, and users were urged to update software immediately. Read More

Apache Impala gets top-level status as open source Hadoop tool

By Jack Vaughan 01 Dec 2017

Born at Cloudera, the MPP query engine known as Apache Impala has become a top-level open source project. It's one of various tools bringing SQL-style interactivity to big data analytics. Read More

Why is the patched Apache Struts vulnerability still being exploited?

By Nick Lewis 18 Aug 2017

An Apache Struts vulnerability is still being exploited, even though it has already been patched. Expert Nick Lewis explains why the Struts platform still carries risk for users. Read More

Accelerate Apache Spark to boost big data platforms

By Mike Matchett 21 Apr 2017

Big data platforms like Apache Spark process massive volumes of data faster than other options. As data volumes grow, enterprises seek ways to speed up Spark. Read More

Apache Arrow to power startup Dremio's self-service data platform

By Jack Vaughan 31 Jul 2017

Data management startup Dremio has aimed its Apache Arrow expertise at the problem of self-service data delivery. In-column caches and optimization speed queries across varied data stores. Read More

Apache Mesos better utilizes resources, improves scalability

By Walker Rowe 29 Mar 2017

Apache Mesos has become popular with major enterprises for its ability to scale linearly, reduce wasteful resource consumption and abstract storage, CPU and memory. Read More

What does the Apache Kudu say?

By Adrian Bridgwater 27 Jul 2016

Some software development operations (on the straight up vendor side) have marketing managers, evangelists and product leads. Other software operations have all-volunteer developers, stewards and ... Read More