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Containerized applications and the portability dream

By David Linthicum 19 Feb 2018

To make containers work within a cloud strategy, you're going to need to carefully consider the complexities of porting an application from platform to platform. Read More

Why deploy desktop and application virtualization?

By Robert Sheldon 13 Feb 2018

Virtualizing desktops and apps can enable tighter security and a more agile environment and can simplify maintenance and enhance productivity, particularly for remote workers. Read More

Migrate cloud applications back to on-premises applications

By Brian Kirsch 16 Jan 2018

In the cloud frenzy, it's easy to lose sight of what to do if the cloud doesn't work. With time, patience and cost planning, administrators can migrate applications back on premises. Read More

A comparison of leading application delivery controllers

By Kevin Tolly 20 Mar 2018

You can simplify the process of buying an ADC device by examining how leading vendors address key considerations, including platform options, security and server load balancing. Read More

How the application integration landscape is changing

19 Mar 2018

In this e-guide, we discover how the industry is trying to make it possible to link applications together in order to share resources with ease. We take a look at how technologies like Distributed Computing and the... Read More

Modernize legacy applications with containers, microservices

By Jan Stafford 08 Mar 2018

To break down monolithic apps and modernize them for cloud deployment, enterprise development teams continue to turn to containers and microservices. Read More

The evolution of the application performance management tool

By Brien Posey 28 Feb 2018

As apps evolve, the tools IT uses to manage them have to as well. App virtualization in particular has altered management needs by requiring that IT be able to see into the entire app stack. Read More

Considerations for buying an application delivery controller

By Kevin Tolly 23 Feb 2018

Before you buy an ADC device, learn which features you should look for and what questions you should ask prospective application delivery controller vendors. Read More

Application release automation drifts to the cloud

By Jan Stafford 14 Feb 2018

CI/CD initiatives will spark increased adoption of app release automation tools this year, including those hosted in the cloud, but the market hasn't fully matured just yet. Read More

How to manage application security risks and shortcomings

By Kevin Beaver 06 Feb 2018

A lack of proper testing, communication and insight into best practices all contribute to application security shortcomings. Kevin Beaver explains how to manage the risks. Read More