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CMS analytics arms businesses with a strategic planning edge

By Don Fluckinger 13 Nov 2017

Content analytics for CMSes mines business value from free text in data lakes, so it's time to go prospecting for gold with this advanced technology. Read More

Staying ahead in the cyber arms race

By Aaron Tan 11 Aug 2017

Darktrace’s Asia-Pacific managing director, Sanjay Aurora, offers insights on what organisations can do to reverse the odds against them in combatting cyber threats Read More

London issues call to arms to cyber security community

By Warwick Ashford 13 Oct 2017

Cyber security community called on to help educate capital’s small businesses about cyber crime and give them practical advice Read More

Microsoft relationship driving partners into the arms of Citrix

By Simon Quicke 15 Sep 2017

Cross fertilisation of each other's channel rosters has been one of the benefits of working more closely together on the cloud Read More

Rewrite the rules to win cyber arms race, says McAfee

By Warwick Ashford 27 Oct 2017

Enterprises need to change their approach if they are to beat cyber criminals, according McAfee’s enterprise products head Read More

How well is ARM NFV positioned for NFV deployments?

By Lee Doyle 26 Jun 2017

It's ARM vs. Intel again, as the two competitors each look to become the leading silicon microprocessor chip provider for NFV applications. ARM NFV could prove to be a challenger to Intel. Read More

Chef: The DevOps tools arms race is over, time for application-centrism

By Adrian Bridgwater 10 Jan 2018

The Computer Weekly Developer Network asked, is 2018 the year of the DevOps backlash? Well, it was only meant to be an open question, a hypothesising supposition, a point of informed speculation ... Read More

Unclench fists, open arms: Dirk Hohndel on VMware open source shift

By Ed Scannell 25 Sep 2017

VMware talked the talk about open source, but now it's walking the walk. Dirk Hohndel, VMware's open source advocate, talks about VMware's embrace of the open source world. Read More

Artificial Intelligence could be about to start a processing chip arms race

By Brian McKenna 22 Sep 2017

This is a guest blogpost by Matt Jones, lead analytics strategist, Tessella Recent converts to AI and machine learning’s amazing potential may be disappointed to discover that many of its more ... Read More

Arm yourself for battle against an email virus outbreak

By Steve Bryant 23 May 2017

Did malware slip through the Exchange Server perimeter? Don't panic. Use these PowerShell commands to respond quickly and minimize the damage. Read More