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Patch Tuesday brings important ASP.NET fix, critical IE fixes

09 Sep 2014

While an Internet Explorer patch is the only critical one to fix a zero-day bug, server admins should focus on an ASP.NET fix. Read More

ASP.NET Ajax tutorial

24 May 2010

This reference introduces developers to Microsoft's ASP.NET Ajax framework with a plethora of tips, tutorials and webcasts. Read More

Semiconductor ASPs drop as suppliers adjust to weak economy

By Alex Scroxton 17 Nov 2011

As predicted earlier in the year, semiconductor vendors have begun to take action to bring production back into line with weak economic sentiment, at the cost of their own sales. Read More

ASP configuration restore

By Ken Graap 25 Jun 2008

Configuring auxillary storage pools on the System i5 is necessary before a system restore all. Read More

Microsoft confirms zero-day vulnerability in ASP.NET

By Warwick Ashford 21 Sep 2010

Microsoft has issued a security advisory confirming exploits of an unpatched vulnerability that affects web applications built on ASP.NET. Read More

Attackers target flawed ASP.NET encryption implementations

By Robert Westervelt 21 Sep 2010

Microsoft issued an update to its security advisory after discovering limited, active attacks against .NET Web applications with flawed encryption implementations. Read More

Hotskills: ASP.Net Ajax for developers

02 Apr 2009

ASP.Net Ajax skills, training and salary information details for developers. Read More

Hotskills: ASP.Net developer skills

By Nick Langley 02 Apr 2009

ASP.Net skills, training and salary information details for developers. Read More