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Authentication is the process of determining whether someone or something is, in fact, who or what it ...Read More

Dangers of biometric authentication for mobile devices

By Robert Sheldon 06 Sep 2019

Biometric authentication for mobile devices is touted for simplicity and security, but IT should be wary of particular biometric vulnerabilities and user privacy concerns. Read More

Mobile biometric authentication: The advantages and disadvantages

By Robert Sheldon 05 Sep 2019

Mobile IT professionals must learn about the pros and cons of mobile biometric authentication before they implement fingerprint or face scan authentication factors. Read More

How software-defined perimeter authentication ups security

By Johna Till Johnson 23 Sep 2019

Find out how the emerging software-defined perimeter model increases security by its design and how it can serve as a building block to zero-trust security. Read More

Biometric authentication terms to know

By Madelyn Bacon 21 Jun 2019

Consumers are on board with biometric authentication, but enterprises aren't so sure. Here's a breakdown of the must-know terms for companies considering biometric authentication. Read More

Kubernetes authentication project wrestles with migration problems

By Beth Pariseau 25 Jul 2019

GKE users like the Workload Identity feature for Kubernetes authentication with GCP services, but similar improvements to core cluster security present a potential market-wide migration headache. Read More

PKI authentication explained: The basics for IT administrators

By Stuart Burns 18 Jul 2019

Public key infrastructure is part and parcel of modern digital business, from secure communications to data transmission and beyond. Admins must understand PKI to optimize its benefits. Read More

How to set up Office 365 modern authentication

By Nathan O'Bryan 31 May 2019

Learn how to manage modern authentication with a relatively new PowerShell cmdlet to keep end users in touch with their Exchange Online mailboxes. Read More

Using PowerShell for Azure service principal authentication

By Adam Bertram 24 Jun 2019

With help from the Azure PowerShell module, you can avoid login prompts and automate the authentication process when using service principals on Microsoft's cloud platform. Read More

Benefits of mobile passwordless authentication

By Kevin Beaver 05 Apr 2019

With an authentication method for mobile devices that goes beyond password and username credentials, IT can prevent social engineering attacks, while maintaining device usability. Read More

Black Hat 2019: Learning about the latest in authentication, workspaces, and security

By Kyle Johnson 12 Aug 2019

Didn’t quite live up to the hype, but I still enjoyed my time there (even if I was in Vegas). Read More