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Software-defined data center architecture basics for beginners

By Robert Sheldon 19 Dec 2017

The physical, virtualization and management layers of an SDDC make it possible to pool the physical components into logical resources, regardless of the underlying hardware. Read More

What software testing skills are important for a beginner?

By Gerie Owen 18 Oct 2017

Software testers need more than technical skills. Expert Gerie Owen explains why this career choice requires an inquisitive mind and an ability to work well with others. Read More

Which are the best cybersecurity certifications for beginners?

By Mike O. Villegas 20 Oct 2016

There are an overwhelming number of cybersecurity certifications available, so which one should people just beginning their career start with? Expert Mike O. Villegas answers. Read More

Docker tutorial for beginners turns sys admins onto containerization

By Meredith Courtemanche 25 Apr 2017

This technical book introduces systems administrators to the concepts and processes they need to run Docker containers on an optimized infrastructure. Read More

A beginner's guide to the 2016 VMworld conference in Las Vegas

By Alastair Cooke 10 Aug 2016

Your first conference can be overwhelming, especially if it's one as major as VMworld 2016 -- the key to surviving is creating a solid game plan. Read More

A complete beginner's guide to DevOps best practices

By Matt Heusser 20 Jul 2016

You can't just 'do' DevOps and hope to get it right. Expert Matthew Heusser takes us through all the steps required to make DevOps work for your company -- and make your life easier. Read More

An Opscode Chef tutorial for beginners

By Jon Langemak 29 Jan 2015

To use Chef in the data center, you'll find your administrator mind-set gradually opening up to the developer way of thinking. These tips and resources will accelerate the process. Read More

A beginner's guide to Microsoft Azure Backup

By Jonathan Hassell 31 Jul 2015

Microsoft Azure Backup, which automatically sends encrypted backups to the cloud, is easy to set up. But is it cost-effective for large enterprises? Read More

Cloud conferences to check out in the first half of 2018

By Kathleen Casey 26 Jan 2018

For beginners and experts alike, cloud conferences are a good way to gain industry knowledge and sharpen your skills. Here are some to pencil in over the next several months. Read More

Five urban legends that scare a Linux beginner

By Sander van Vugt 03 Oct 2014

The Linux server platform is fundamentally open. Admins migrating from Unix will run into a lot of misinformation when they start out. Read More