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Three surprising benefits of asset utilization

By Dave McCarthy 19 Mar 2018

Asset utilization has become a top business IoT use case. Bsquare's Dave McCarthy offers three benefits beyond the usual suspects of asset utilization data. Read More

Understanding the benefits of serverless functions

By Zachary Flower 24 Jan 2018

The use of serverless functions can help developers minimize the time spent managing resources by segmenting third-party dependencies. Zach Flower explains. Read More

The benefits of machine learning in network management

By Terry Slattery 13 Mar 2018

Enterprises and vendors alike are now undertaking machine learning deployment strategies. What are the benefits of machine learning as they relate to network analysis and management tools? Read More

How a millennial workforce benefits sales teams, CRM

By Don Fluckinger 07 Mar 2018

Millennials bring more than just their iPhones to the conference table. Here's why you need to stop dumping on your millennial sales force and embrace their tech-savvy ways. Read More

Illegal software whistleblowing benefits the channel

By Simon Quicke 03 Jan 2018

Figures from the BSA indicate that a fair number of UK employees at SMEs are happy to blow the whistle over the use of illegal software Read More

Communication API vendors offer serverless architecture benefits

By Tsahi Levent-Levi 05 Mar 2018

A serverless architecture benefits communication developers in several ways, including fewer maintenance tasks, automated scalability and quicker time to market. Read More

Compare cloud vs. local archive benefits and drawbacks

By Brien Posey 01 Mar 2018

Local archives allow companies to use hardware they already own and save on cloud subscriptions, but cloud archives remove hardware maintenance tasks and costs. Read More

RAID levels and benefits explained

20 Oct 2017

RAID can enable better storage performance and higher availability, and there are many different RAID types. Read about the different levels of RAID and where they work best. Read More

Why an edge computing platform benefits from HCI

By Robert Sheldon 19 Dec 2017

HCI's easy implementation and management help admins solve some of the challenges of edge computing, such as distributed endpoint management and a trend toward data silos. Read More

Software-defined storage benefits to sway SDS holdouts

By John Edwards 21 Feb 2018

Software-defined storage is often misunderstood, yet the technology offers some advantages over traditional storage systems for many organizations. Read More