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How to create the best RPA architecture

28 Feb 2018

Enterprises are embracing robotic process automation to automate rules-based, repetitive tasks in a cost-efficient manner. ROI depends on having the right RPA architecture. Read More

How to choose the best hardware for virtualization

24 Jan 2018

Selecting the best hardware for virtualization is the foundation of maintaining or designing a robust, reliable and scalable data center. Read More

Drupal vs. Acquia: What's best for which organizations?

By Geoffrey Bock 06 Mar 2018

Which fork in the road should an organization take: open source Drupal, or Drupal with Acquia's service package and strong security and standardization? It's not always obvious. Read More

GDPR compliance requirements and how to best fulfill them

20 Mar 2018

Learn the details of the European Union's new regulations for data security and what your company needs to do now to meet them and avoid expensive penalties. Read More

VMware virtual recovery and backup best practices and tools

19 Mar 2018

Protect your VMware environments with this compilation of virtual recovery methods and backup procedures. Read More

Software security training: Perspectives on best practices

By Steve Lipner 13 Mar 2018

Software development training with an emphasis on secure coding can improve enterprise security postures. Steve Lipner of SafeCode discusses different ways to get the job done. Read More

Big data best practice means a best-of-breed approach

By Brian McKenna 03 Jan 2018

This is a guest blogpost by Sebastian Darrington, UK MD at Exasol The days of operating a single vendor IT software estate are behind us. Such is the pace of innovation and change, putting all your ... Read More

Five cybersecurity best practices for healthcare organizations

By Reda Chouffani 08 Mar 2018

Hospital CIOs who want to ensure that their environments are protected should be sure to implement multifactor authentication and AI-based monitoring to prevent data breaches. Read More

How to get the best SSD performance

By Margaret Jones 01 Nov 2017

Want to make sure you get the best performance from your SSDs? Throw it back to your school days and do some thorough research before you buy solid-state drives. Read More

Experts explore best practices for HR data analytics

By George Lawton 01 Mar 2018

People analytics won't help much without the right metrics and a keen understanding of how they relate to employee engagement, customer satisfaction and overall performance. Read More