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HR and IT, better together

By Albert McKeon 29 Dec 2017

HR leaders like BMC's Monika Fahlbusch are partnering with CIOs as companies find that technology is key to attracting and managing talent, as well as streamlining HR management. Read More

Better public services – a Beveridge for the 21st century

19 Mar 2018

A new 'manifesto' from digital government experts lays out a path to delivering the internet-enabled state that's been promised for years but is yet to become a reality Read More

Swift or Ceph: Which object storage system is better?

By Sander van Vugt 06 Mar 2018

Some cloud object storage experts think that Ceph is better than Swift, but that isn't true. The fact is that both options can work, but your workload needs matter. Read More

Many enterprises need better conference room technology

By Jonathan Dame 22 Feb 2018

Enterprises are taking action to ensure they have the conference room technology necessary to support the latest collaboration tools. Read More

Could the DevOps process work better under a different name?

By Valerie Silverthorne 20 Feb 2018

Intent-based DevOps is a small name change designed to bring development and deployment back to basics. Two industry experts offer their interpretations and suggestions. Read More

Antivirus tools: Are two programs better than one?

By Nick Lewis 19 Feb 2018

Antivirus software is crucial to your device's security. However, less is often more, especially when considering a secondary free antivirus program. Nick Lewis explains why. Read More

Consumers demand better treatment from mobile operators

By Alex Scroxton 16 Jan 2018

Mobile operators need to work to win back consumer trust ahead of widespread 5G deployment, according to a report from Ericsson Read More

The ITIL 2018 update better catch up to modern IT

By Clive Longbottom 10 Jan 2018

When ITIL last updated, DevOps was in its infancy. In the face of rapidly evolving IT practices and technologies, ITIL 2018 must be powerful and usable for diverse IT organizations. Read More

How can I encrypt backups for better data protection?

By Jim O'Reilly 09 Jan 2018

Don't let backup data encryption fall through the cracks. When encrypting backups, key management and compression are just two of the best practices for optimum security. Read More

Five steps to build better predictive analytics applications

By David Loshin 29 Dec 2017

Predictive analytics initiatives must be planned and managed effectively to ensure that they don't miss the mark on meeting business needs. Here's an approach to help keep them on track. Read More