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A botnet is a collection of internet-connected devices, which may include PCs, servers, mobile devices ...Read More

Botnets shift focus to credential abuse

By Warwick Ashford 19 Feb 2018

Cyber criminals are increasingly using automated attacks that make use of stolen credentials, a security threat report warns Read More

How IoT botnets affect the 'internet of money,' cryptocurrency

By James Warner 08 Feb 2018

We know botnets can wreak havoc, but what about IoT botnets? And how will they affect cryptocurrencies? Nexsoftsys's James Warner discusses. Read More

Cryptojacking malware using EternalBlue to build botnets

By Rob Wright 05 Feb 2018

Proofpoint researchers discovered a large Monero mining botnet that uses EternalBlue to spread, and it isn't the first time the Windows flaw has been used for cryptojacking. Read More

Businesses urged to patch against cryptocurrency-mining botnet

By Warwick Ashford 01 Feb 2018

Researchers have uncovered further evidence that cyber criminals are cashing in on the popularity of cryptocurrencies, with the discovery of a global cryptocurrency-mining botnet Read More

NIST botnet security report recommendations open for comments

By Michael Heller 09 Jan 2018

Federal agencies opened public comments on a draft botnet security report born from the 2017 White House cybersecurity executive order, and experts are generally favorable. Read More

Botnet attacks are evolving; your defenses must too

By Mike Chapple 21 Dec 2017

Botnets are evolving and will continue to plague organizations. There is no one tool that will be sufficient, so it’s time to layer your anti-botnet defenses. Read More

Get the best botnet protection with the right array of tools

By Mike Chapple 21 Dec 2017

Enterprise anti-botnet defenses, to be effective, must be added in multiple layers. No single security product will do the trick, but the right combo of tools can. Read More

What can enterprises do to prevent an IoT botnet attack?

By Judith Myerson 14 Feb 2018

An IoT botnet attack on Huawei home routers showed similarities to the Mirai malware. Expert Judith Myerson explains the threat and how enterprises can protect themselves. Read More

Scarab ransomware joins with Necurs botnet for faster spread

By Michael Heller 28 Nov 2017

The Scarab ransomware received an upgrade, and researchers have seen it being spread via the Necurs botnet, meaning the malware can spread to millions in a handful of hours. Read More

A series of new IoT botnets plague connected devices

By Madelyn Bacon 26 Jan 2018

News roundup: New IoT botnets compromise tens of thousands of devices worldwide. Plus, Kaspersky Lab filed an injunction against DHS, mobile POS gets a PCI standard, and more. Read More